Samsung to iPhone

Apple and Samsung are giants in the smartphone industry. These two brands have been battling for ages. Should you go for a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or the latest iPhone? That is a tough decision since both phones have amazing features, and their rivalry only makes each new addition better. The innovation keeps going a notch higher as Apple and Samsung try to outdo each other. 

Therefore, if you want to sell your Samsung and buy an iPhone, here are some things you should consider:

1. Screen and design

For years, Apple has arguably been the king of mobile, but the recent flagships from Samsung are formidable opponents. However, it has not lost its glory, and the latest addition is changing the display capabilities of iPhones. The smartphone comes with an OLED display similar to Samsung’s. With panels ranging from 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches, users can take advantage of the edge-to-edge screen. However, its resolution lags with 458ppi, unlike Galaxy S9, which has a powerful display of 570ppi. Both Samsung and iPhone 11 support HDR display with Samsung winning for colour vibrancy. However, iPhone 11 uses warmer hues, which is comfortable to the eyes. Besides, the tone tech in iPhones adjusts the displays according to the surroundings. Apart from the screen and resolution, Apple has adopted a bezel-less ergonomic design that is super thin and fits perfectly in hand.

2. Camera

Excellent photo capability is an essential element for every high-end phone. Both Samsung and iPhone have not disappointed with two cameras mounted vertically with a resolution of 12 megapixels. An iPhone captures sharper images and accurate details compared to Samsung Galaxy S9 series. However, Samsung wins when shooting in the dark. Its low-light camera is on point and captures clear images thanks to the f/1.5 aperture and f/2.4.

3. Performance capabilities

While Android has improved significantly over the years, it is hard to argue its case against Apple's robust iOS. Therefore, if you are aiming for better performance, recycle your phone for an iPhone device. iPhones have instant software updates, unlike Android devices, which delays updates. While iOS is simple to use, it does not provide multi-tasking capabilities like Android counterparts. In terms of storage, iPhone 11 comes with a 4GB RAM just like Samsung S9 Plus. You can find internal storage of 64 GB or 256GB on both phones. However, iPhones do not support a microSD slot for additional storage.

4. Emoji

Samsung offers AR emojis, and the users can create their emojis with a quick facial scan. The emojis can be used in social media pages and on various applications. Despite the buzz AR emoji is creating, iPhones’ Animoji feature is still fabulous. iPhone lets you scan and map your facial movements into an animated character.

5. Security features

Apple's security features have always been unmatched. While Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is catching up, it is still lagging. iPhone has a facial scanner, which maps out the contours of the user’s face to allow access. The new technology has proven to be secure enough, and Apple deemed fingerprint sensors unnecessary. Samsung, on the other hand, uses iris scanning and fingerprint sensors to secure devices.

6. Price

Apple and Samsung phones are durable. Therefore, the asking price is usually high. Your favourite features and expectations will help you decide whether you should overlook the cost. The decision to switch from one manufacturer to the other is a trade-off between, display and screen format, flexibility in storage, and camera capabilities.

The decision to sell your Samsung smartphone for an iPhone is tough, especially with the latest flagships being almost similar. However, if you are thinking of switching devices, you can recycle your phone by selling it on Sell My Mobile.