Super Fast Broadband

Today the reach of the Internet is beyond anything we could have imagined even a decade ago. Technology is advancing. Thanks to fibre optic cables, Internet speed increasing, at an undreamed-of rate. Which is fine if you have the money for that, would you say? The truth is, the technology revolution is for everyone. There are some broadband companies which specialise in making high-speed Internet available to everyone, whatever their budget.

Broadband Comparison

Do you have a broadband connection? You may, but you may also be unsatisfied. Perhaps the higher speeds are beyond your budget. Or you may not have a connection. Perhaps the thought of high costs is putting you off? The best thing is to find out all the companies offering broadband connections in your area and compare their rates. When you do that, you shouldn’t be surprised when two companies come out on top of your broadband comparison. Those two should be Virgin Media and Plusnet. Both offer fibre optic broadband at affordable rates.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a multimedia company. It offers TV and mobile services. Contact this company to find out about broadband packages and you're likely to be asked questions about the size of your family and your TV and Internet habits and usage before you ever see a price. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing. This company offers some competitive packages combining broadband, TV and phone services. You would probably end up saving a lot of money by combining your phone bill, broadband and television services. They even throw in a mobile SIM with the package, which works out pretty well when you think about it. Compared with the other budget broadband company, the cost isn’t much more and you get to save some money on your TV and phone services. As the saying goes, what’s not to like?


Plusnet offers very attractive packages. At the time of writing, for a £5.00 activation fee and an 18-month contract, a customer can enjoy unlimited broadband for £19.99 per month. This includes line rental. It looks like an amazing deal. It’s basically an introductory offer. Depending on your location, you should be able to reach high Internet speeds. That’s completely affordable and should be within the range of most budgets. The company can’t lose with this deal. There must be customers out there who will gladly sign up for this package. 

There are the ones who have been extremely interested in signing up for a broadband package but have simply been waiting until something affordable came along. For such people,it definitely looks like that wait is over. With two reputed companies offering budget broadband deals, the customer is going to not only have access to good deals but to a choice as well. They can simply decide which company offers them better advantages and go with that. Bear in mind that this company also offers phone and TV services like the other company. However, it seems to be easier to get a single package quote from this one. The other company is going all out to encourage users to purchase multi-package deals.

Make an Informed Choice

The easiest way to get the best deal on high-speed broadband is:
  • Do a broadband comparison of companies which offer the service and pick the one which offers the best deal
  • See if you can get a better deal with a combination package including TV and phone services.
  • That way, you're sure to get the best possible deal.