Marijuana Blog

Setting up a blog that talks about your lifestyle as a cannabis enthusiast can have amazing benefits for your career or hobby. Building your platform, through a blog, to voice your advocacy, your business and your opinion about marijuana can help you establish you as an authority in the cannabis community.

A cannabis blog can help you network with like-minded people. It can help you land important work or activities within the cannabis industry. It opens up the channel for you to find other marijuana enthusiasts and experts. It allows you to develop build a supportive community with members from all sorts of backgrounds and places. If you are someone who is a writer, then starting a blog is a great way for you to develop your skills further.

However, possibly, one of the biggest benefits of establishing a log for cannabis use is in opening up the community to the general people. The legalization of marijuana is an ongoing process and not all areas of the country has actually legalized the use of it for recreation and even medical purposes. Through a cannabis blog, you can easily advocate for this great cause of removing the prohibition of marijuana use.

Stories in your blogs from understanding different types of weeds to learning about the benefits of marijuana for people with autism can help people outside of the cannabis community understand the importance of legalizing marijuana.

If you are thinking about starting a blog for marijuana, I 100% behind you. To help you begin, here are 5 basic steps to starting a marijuana blog.


The topic on marijuana is massive. Focusing on one specific topic will help your organize your thoughts. Many people think that they have to cover everything cannabis and cannabis use. But no. In marketing, if you try to sell to everyone, then no one will buy from you. Identify your personal interests and your personal goal. This will help you identify a niche in cannabis that you have the passion and expertise for. Once you find this you can start planning the subtopics to cover.

A good example is focusing on marijuana and the environment. Marijuana lifestyle is often linked with a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious. You may write topics about how arijuana culture and lifestyle is a lot greener and more environment friendly. Yu may cover organic ways marijuana is farmed.


You have two basic choices for a blogging platform – free and paid. With free blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr you do not have to think about paying annually for your blog. However, the downside would be not being able to choose a specific blog domain for your blog. If you choose, Free WordPress as a blogging platform, you will also have no capacity to edit the design of your blog.

If you opt to buy a domain name, you can use paid WordPress or Joomla as your blog platform. Both are open source so you can easily tweak your design. If you are not as good with designing webpages, you can try the themes available.


At the initial stage, you need to make sure that you have at least 15 blog posts ready for publication. You do not have to publish all of them at the same time. However, upon your launch, make sure that your blog has at least three blog posts that your readers will be able to read. These three are the ABOUT page, CONTACT PAGE and the first article. The About Page will explain to your readers who you are and why your blog exists. You can summarize your advocacies and even the reason why you started a blog. Another blog post is the contact, which will include your business email and the list of social media platforms that you use for your blog. Then third one is the first article. You may use this to welcome your readers or you can dive head straight to the issues you want to tackle.

Your readership will gauge your seriousness with your first posts. After this, you need to regular follow up with more posts. This is why you need to have at least 15 articles ready for posting. This way, you do not have to think about what articles to write about the next day. You now have 15 articles ready for publication.

As you go along with blogging, make it your habit to write a month's worth of blog posts in advance before. You may schedule a specific dates and times to write your blog posts for the following next month. This way. You have ample time to check your grammar, check your sources and facts, and also to clean up the points of view of your article. This will also ensure that you have a steady supply of articles. As well, in case you are not able to write because you fell sick or you have been busy, you make sure that you have a steady supply of blog posts.


Before launching your blog, make sure to stay active online in different marijuana fora and social media pages. At least for a month, you should maintain a great online presence so you can gain an online following. Therefore, by the time you launch your blog, you can announce to the online fora and social media pages that you follow your blog. You can bring your readers from these pages to your websites. Furthermore, linking your blog through these sites and social media pages will also bring traffic to your blog. Even people who are just lurking will click them to check you out.


Your blog is not an island. Build a community of readers and followers. Link to other like-minded blogs and comment to them. Be active in social media and interact with people. Reply to comments that people leave in your website. Furthermore, you can also guest write in other people's websites. You may also host other people’s writing. Do collaboration or even start a vlog on YouTube to bring traffic to your site.

Blogging is a kind of self-expression. It is a great place for marijuana enthusiasts such as yourself to open up about their advocacies. It will help influence people in so many positive ways. If you are planning to start a marijuana blog, hopefully, this article will help you in some ways.