Marketing Communication Plan

Your brand persona and communication is irreversible. It takes years to build a brand persona, so make sure you set the right foot in. This is the area where you need to put the major chunk of your capital and consistently work toward visibility and creating a positive image of the brand.

Poor Market Survey

Market survey is the most essential step of marketing. You compile all the information you need to know about your target audience. You gather information about age groups, demographics, purchases, interests, and preferences. If this first step is not successfully cleared, your brand is bound to fail. If you are unsure about your potential customers even after market research, it is difficult to proceed and execute the next step effectively. Misjudging market conditions and target audience will lead to you not being able to attract a large number of customers your way. The inability to define ‘who’ and ‘why’ at this stage is a dangerous game. A company or brand looking to grow should not be making blunders like these in the initial steps.

Budget Imbalance

Budgets should be managed sharply for the marketing plan, it is an entire sophisticated process which requires formal planning. If you overspend, you will not have enough capital to execute the rest of the plan and will run short during the important timeframe of building your brand through aggressive marketing.

Spending a handsome amount on marketing according to availability will act as a long term investment. If you underspend to undercut your budget and save on some bucks. Abort mission! This will lead to insufficient marketing which will hurt your brand and result in colossal losses. It is a game of moderation. Going off-budget during the execution process can prove to be a grave mistake hence it is best to strictly stick to the plan drawn.

Miscommunications among the company

To execute a marketing plan, all departments need to be integrated and work together accordingly. One strategy is decided upon by the people working at the higher hierarchy level, which is then expected to be followed by every individual at the company. It is worked towards collectively, as one unit. But, at times, a communication gap might arise due to a tall-structured hierarchy. It makes employees at the lower hierarchy to completely misread the plan and work in the opposite direction. It leads to chaos and confusion. The true meaning and plan devised are lost in the communication gap down the hierarchy level.

Assigning Task to Interns

Interns come to work at companies to get it added to their resumes as a bonus. They are either underpaid or not paid at all. Interns have as much invested in your company as you are paying them. Leaving important tasks with complicated features should not be left with interns. They should be present to assist you with your work, not do your job, and get paid nothing. They need to be driven and motivated in order to produce good quality work. An advice for you: if you want to get something done, do it yourself!

Autocratic Workplace

The boss or the people at the top of the hierarchy level are not always right. They need help, assistance, ideas, and thoughts of numerous people. The best idea to gain insight is to turn to the employees who have to deal with customers directly on a day-to-day basis. You need to connect with these people on a personal level and keep them satisfied, listen to them and invest in them. They are your human capital. They need to feel involved in the decisions affecting the company so that they feel their significance as a part of the company workforce. An exceptional and cooperative workforce with a useful customer insight is your biggest asset. They need to be involved in the decision-making process for the good of the business.

Make your brand customer-based

When writing an introductory page, precise details should be given about your brand. More focus should be laid on what you as a brand can do and provide your customers. Customers are not interested in what you have achieved over the years and how far you have come. They care about what you could do for them back then and how you have expanded your range, what variety and services you can provide now. To better position your brand and attract more traffic your way you can turn to a Singapore SEO Agency. Such companies assist you throughout the entire digital marketing process and add to your bottom-line in the long run.

No Offensive Tag Line

To stop your marketing strategies from failure, you need to get everything double-checked from the name of the brand to the catchy tag line you will be using. Firstly, you need to ensure the brand name is not already taken and that the one you pick is unique and makes it stand out. Also, checking the meaning of your brand name in every language to make sure it does not have an offensive meaning in other languages, resulting in customers getting offended and turning away from the brand. You do not need to market your brand in a negative light. Another thing to keep in mind is to not get too carried away with the humor. It should be light and not target or offend a certain group of people. You just need to attract more customers, not scandals or lawsuits.