There are different ways in which you can cut meat into smaller pieces. Using meat grinders makes your work easier and faster. Meat grinders help in replacing tools like mincing knives. They operate using different mechanisms, and you can choose a manual or an electric grinder. So, how do these two meat grinders work? Which model is the best? We are going to look at the features, benefits and cons of these two types of grinders so that you can decide which one is suitable for you.

Manual Meat grinder

Manual meat grinders help in focusing on one task performed at hand in the meat mincing process. It is a hand-operated grinder, which is an essential tool for those individuals who precise takes control over the whole process of meat grinding for various purposes like sausage making. The grinder has one hand crank, which allows for the operator to portion and do the speed control the process.
The grinder one to have plenty of hopper capacity to grind and hold any amount of meat needed. Manual grinders have cast iron and stainless steel, which are made of high quality to maintain meat cleanliness. Manual grinders are the best for tabletop, and they are more portable to use in any home kitchen.


  • (I)They are less expensive.
  • Manual grinders are cheaper compared with electrical grinders. This makes it more favorable for a buyer to buy as it fits for the budget.
  • (II) Perfect for domestic functions.
  • Manual meat grinders are ideal to use in home activities like in the grinding process of meat. This is because the electric meat grinders are designed to serve commercial uses where grinding is done in a large process like in restaurants.
  • (III)They have a compatible design.
  • Comparison of a manual grinder with the electric meat grinder, the manual grinders tend to occupy a smaller space where they are placed, and also they are easy to use. The manual grinders can fit even if one has a less spacious kitchen.
  • (IV) You can clean manual grinders or either hand washed by the user after finishing the grinding process.
  • (IV) There is no the extra cost paid on electricity as it you can operate it manually.


  • (I)They require a lot of energy
  • When using a manual grinder, it is a more tiresome job and tedious. As it involves a lot of human effort and strength. You strain and twist arm when placing the meat in the grinder. So, if you are grinding a lot of meat, you end up feeling fatigued.
  • (II) It works function is slow
  • The manual grinders consume a lot of time when an individual is performing the grinding process, compared with an electric grinder, it also depends on the person's energy and efforts.
  • (III)It is challenging to remove the pates which are located at the front of the manual grinder after using it.
  • (IV)When the meat is fatter, it becomes harder to push the hand crank to grind it.

Electric Grinder

Electrical meat grinder is a powerful machine that is used quickly in grinding meat. It has cutting blades, which is made of stainless steel and three grinding pates which main functions are to produce coarse, medium and fine grind pieces of meat, the machine operates using electric power. Electric meat grinders are commonly used in large commercial production. So, if you are planning to grind a lot of meat, using an electric grinder is faster and effortless as compared to using a manual grinder.


  • (I)Electric grinders are incredibly easy to use. This has resulted in them to be more sold types of meat grinding machines. It only requires to be plugged in a power source, and the individual begins loading the feeding tube with the cubed pieces of meat and then switch the power to operate.
  • (II) They have powerful motors that make them best for grinding any meat with bones.
  • (III) They have greater work productivity
  • Since they are machines, they can operate on tougher and used to grind large pieces of meat as the machine cannot be tiresome compared with a manual grinder that is operated by humans.
  • (IV)The resulting benefits of an electrical grinder overshadow the initial cost of the machine. When used over the long run, it saves more amount of money that an individual or a company could have used in paying professionals to do the work.
  • (V) The grinders are more versatile as they have powerful motors capable of grinding large amounts of meat.


  • (I)Electrical grinders are more expensive compared with manual grinders. This is because they are more suitable in the meat-grinding stages, plus they are faster.
  • (II) The grinders are more expensive to repair them in case they have technical problems. Unlike the manual grinders. Electric grinders malfunction, due to electric machinery designed inside it, it requires a pro to fix it, and it may take more time and money.
  • (III)Electrical grinders occupy a lot of space as they are quite large. They cannot fit in a less spacious kitchen. Also, they cannot be moved from one point to another as they are heavy to lift.
  • (IV) They require an extra cost of power for them to run efficiently. As they are only designed to use electricity.
  • (V)Noise concern is a major problem associated with electrical grinders. As the models make much noise to the surroundings, and it results in disturbing the neighbours.


The choice on which grinder to use comes to what the main purpose you need the meat grinder for. If one needs to grind meat in smaller amounts and uses the grinder on fewer occasions, it is more advisable to buy a manual meat grinder as it saves the cost of production. It is advisable to buy and use an electrical grinder when grinding large quantities of meat. This saves you a whole lot of stress, and it is more beneficial when running long term. You can look for Lem meat grinder and enjoy an easy time grinding meat.