Welcome, everybody! Today’s agenda is to talk about and cover a very frequently asked question “Jazz Packages”. There are multiple types of packages, like Jazz SMS packages, calls and internet bundles/offers. People from Pakistan ask these too much.

This is our agenda to talk about and discuss with all our visitors and readers. We will discuss it in a very manner way so that it could be easy for all of you to understand and use it very efficiently.

Jazz is one of the top class telecom companies at the moment operating in Pakistan. They have the 1st telecom which has the highest amount of customers in the country. Solid internet, coverage, devices and phones.

Jazz SMS Packages

First we will talk about jazz sms packages daily, weekly and monthly. Like what they have to offer to their customers. Their prices are cheap if you want to buy jazz SMS packages for days or weeks. Here I am going to point out some Jazz Daily SMS packages:
  • SMS: 150
  • Subscribe: *106*1#
  • Unsubscribe: *106*4#
  • Price: Rs 2.38 Intermediate

SMS: 1200

  • Subscribe: *101*1*01#
  • Unsubscribe: *101*4*01#
Price: Rs 4.77 So there were few packages of jazz for daily SMS. As we said earlier that they are best in area coverage so you are not going to face any issue by that anyway. So in the above packages which one did you like? We would love to hear from you!

Jazz Internet Packages Now it’s their internet packages turn. Recently they did a test and they claim that they are the number one 4G internet providers of Pakistan. So now I am going to tell you that test it by yourself and let us know how it is.

Bundles that they offer are the same as SMS packages of jazz in daily, weekly and monthly sequence. So get some of their packages I would suggest you google it and get the latest data from there.

Generally what people feedback and say is that Zong and Telenor are what people prefer by the way for internet packages. As I said earlier that now it’s your turn to check theirs according to your area.

One thing let me tell you very clearly that the internet speed of any telecom company really depends on many factors not just by the provider. It depends of the smartphone which you are using, your location, the websites which you are surfing and the server speed. So it’s not all about telecom companies as well.

Jazz Call Packages Incall packages are kind of normal not too heavy nor very low in quality. But one thing let me clearly mention is that it is quite expensive some people say from other telecom companies. According to my yes it is expensive because I use it. (I am happy by the way :) )

The same is the case here, In order to get fresh packages, I would again recommend using google and finding it out. Some of the sites over there are very good to get fresh data from.

So it’s it, this was all about our today’s agenda – The Jazz Packages. If you are happy with our today’s writing then I would request you guys please share this post on your social media accounts, friends and family. Thank You! If you are looking how to check Zong number, please continue your search here