The function of the Intex pool vacuum is a bit different from the other vacuum methods applied on the pool floor. Intex pool vacuum system does not require any integration with the pool pump since it can work independently.

However, water pressure is required for the Intex pool vacuum to work. So, you have to make sure that you fill your pool with enough water so that the water can exert enough pressure on the vacuum. Also, in this process, you must equip yourself with the following things. so that we can start with the cleaning, and yes do not forget to find the best vacuum for Intex pool too.

  • Pool Vacuum Head: For the Intex pool you cannot use a contemporary vacuum head since they are designed to fit at the bottom where pool-cleaning poles exist. You must ensure a head that can float on water. Fixing such a vacuum head will give your vacuum more portability, which is really essential for cleaning purposes. You can avoid this step if your pool is not too large.
  • Telescoping pole: These poles easily connect to hooks, nets and pool skimmers. Make sure they can reach the bottom of the pool. You can avoid unnecessary body strains by keeping them attached.
  • Vacuum Hose: You need to get a hose that will be able to reach your pool area. Attach it with the pool system. Most of the pool systems have this feature. After you’re done equipping yourself with the things written above, find the following steps to vacuum your pool. But, all of these activities have to be carried out manually:
  • Prepare the vacuum: If air spaces exist in the system, then your vacuum cannot adjust its’ suction accordingly. As a result, your vacuum will lose suction. That’s why, before vacuuming your pool, make sure you remove all the air. To ensure that,

a) Connect the head of the vacuum with the telescoping pole and then submerge it into the pool.
b) Remove the air by pushing the attachment’s end against a jet.
c) Air bubbles will be visible which means the air is going out of the system.
  • Attach the free end of the hose into the skimmer inlet to run your vacuum system. Remove the skimmer from the inlet since that would be remaining unused during the vacuum process.
  • When you’re done with the tasks above, you can vacuum your pool by moving the head of your vacuum around the surface of the swimming pool. If the suction of your vacuum loses power then repeat the sequence a couple of times.
  • There is another simple step that is often ignored. You must keep in mind that cleaning your equipment is necessary after you’re done vacuuming your pool. The water of your pool absorbs many chemicals which are harmful to your equipment. So, make sure that you detach your equipment from the skimmer’s hole and wash them with fresh water.

Lastly, vacuum cleaning will not be effective if your pool is too dirty. So, make sure to remove large debris from your swimming pool through skimming. But that would not be necessary if your pool is not too unclean. If it is, then you should consider hiring professionals like pool cleaning service Tucson for pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.