SEO Audit report

Creating an SEO Audit report is all about presenting your findings in the most effective way possible. It is used to inform colleagues, clients, or stakeholders on how a website is performing online on the search engine results. While creating useful SEO report for your clients, it can be quite overwhelming to balance the most relevant and best information they want to see. You don't have to worry about anything, make it as presentable and informative as you can.

There is a thin line between creating an impressive audit report and putting out all the information out there. Avoid putting out everything on the page and create chaos. It will be difficult for the clients to understand what you are trying to portray. Without any further confusion, let us discuss what things to include and not to include in SEO reports:

Determine your objective

The first and foremost step in any attempt is discovering the purpose. You can make a proper outline of your current SEO goals in your audit report to provide a clear picture to your client. Let's say; your main objective is to increase ranking for selected keywords or to increase inbound links or overall visibility of the keywords. Besides, you may want to explain how these SEO goals are impacting your client's whole business. Outlining gives direction to your audit report and also provides clarity about SEO goals to your client.

Form a hypothesis

Forming a hypothesis means planning thoroughly to accomplish the business goals of your client through SEO. You can plan your SEO strategy according to your client's requirements. For example: if your client requirement is to increase organic traffic on their website, then you can focus on improving their keyword ranking on search engine results.

Outline the procedure

After determining your objective and forming a hypothesis, you can create an outline of the process. You can include the SEO goals you have already achieved in the framework, including pages that you have optimized for target keywords, fixing 404 errors, and adding missing descriptions. Outlining will help you explain how you are working on their website and what results it is showing on the search engine.

Record your observations

The report's observation part will help you to show real and tangible data to your clients. You have already outlined to help them achieve their current SEO goals, and now it's time to show the actual results of your hard work.

Keyword performance

Show your clients where their keywords were ranking when you started working on their websites, and after you have worked on them. You can make columns for both previous and current ranking so that they can compare the impact of your SEO strategies. Besides, you can show them the ranking in comparison to their main competitors.

Link generation

If your client asks for abundance links, you can show them what you have accomplished. Make a proper format for showing link building and be honest about the types of links you are forming. You can make links according to your client's preference, like if he prefers quality over quantity, then you can build links on websites with high DA else create links on any relevant site.

Inbound traffic

The best way to show off your progress in the SEO report is to show incoming traffic on their website. You can give them details like where this traffic is coming from, whether it is organic or inorganic, from higher keyword ranking or other factors related to it.

Page optimization

An excellent way to add informative details in your SEO report about keyword ranking is with page optimization modules. It allows you to pair a specific page on your site with a target keyword you are tracking to see how well you have optimized the page.

Draw your conclusion

Once you have laid out everything together that you have been working on to achieve the results. You can give it a quick review to see if you have put every information that your client requires. Your reports must be presentable and easy to comprehend. Making your SEO report according to these steps will solidify it and will be the best presentation of your work.