Cosplay Akali

The game league of legends has been loved by many people since its release, and even in the cosplay activities, many cosplay enthusiasts choose to play the characters of league of legends.

A character in the league of legends: Akali, is a melee hero with abilities and skills that make him indispensable against the enemy. As an early champion in the game, Akali has several classic costumes, which gives people who want to cosplay Akali a variety of options. Today we are going to introduce the service that Akali often wears in the game.

To cosplay Akali successfully, you need to prepare the following costumes:

1. Purple wig: 

the purple wig is the most important and prominent part of Akali's cosplay. Akali's hair is purple, bright and shaped like a pony.
Purple wig

2.Black shorts: 

it can be difficult to find a pair of black shorts like Akali's. Luckily, adding stockings to your shorts gives you a look similar to Akali's! So don't fret about not finding black shorts like Akali's.

3.K/DA hat: 

Akali's hat is another important part of cosplay. It is the most famous piece of Akali's costume.
K/DA hat

4. Purple coat: 

Akali's purple coat always makes people feel very cheerful. The bright purple and blue are mixed together.
Purple coat

5.Black stockings: 

To help perfect the look of Akali leggings, silk stockings or knee-high socks can give you the effect of split ends without breaking a pair of leggings in the process.
Black stockings

6. Mask: 

Her mask is one of the most important parts of Akali K/DA cosplay! Although you can get rid of this condition if it's too hot, you can definitely use it for photos!

Now you know how to cosplay Akali? If you have time, you can try making your own Akali costume, which will impress you deeply. Of course, if you don't have time, buying the complete Akali costume online is the most convenient way. There are most famous cosplay costumer online store,like, you can have a try. Click here for an Akali cosplay costume.