Hidden iOS 13 Security

If you use an iPhone, it has a massive security update. Find below the complete ins and outs of the new iOS 13 update. Bought an iPhone recently? Then, you would have received the latest iOS 13 update. Apart from the leading additions to an iPhone, such as the Apple Arcade or Dark mode, it also offers a range of privacy and security features.

IPhone security received a minor setback in the past, but it is still regarded as one of the safest consumer-driven operating systems. And the latest features strengthen every iPhone user's security and privacy. The following are the best ways the new iPhone update keeps you safe from growing security threats.

Tailored Location Controls

Now, you have greater control over how every iPhone app can access your location. Besides granting permission to apps to use your location anytime or while operating the app, you can allow apps to access your location only once. IPhone apps will show pop-ups asking for your permission to access the location.

With iOS 12, you might receive a few pop-ups reminding you that the app is accessing your current location. But by updating iPhone to iOS 13, you can track detailed data the apps use. Also, it explains the reason an app is using your location, which you can block completely. 

Protection against Wi-Fi Tracking

Like Bluetooth, a few deceitful apps were tracking your current location without asking the user's permission. Instead, they would observe the public Wi-Fi networks you often use outside. But the privacy options carefully baked into the iOS 13 update have wholly disabled it. You will only find an option if you toggle the settings. 

Using Apple

Use Apple to sign in to freshly downloaded apps just like you access Twitter, Facebook, or Google. But this easy option restricts data from the third party to the username and email address. Apple can help you build a temporary username (if you wish to). However, if you still receive messages, try to shut it down and keep using your iPhone.

These incredible updates combat scams or unscrupulous messages you receive right in your inbox. This way, you won't have to create a fake account to protect your privacy and avoid unwanted emails.

Stop Bluetooth Access

After installing iOS 13 updates, you will suddenly receive a wide array of downloaded or built-in apps asking your permission to share data using Bluetooth. This crucial data can be leveraged to know your location using Bluetooth beacons in many stores. Just turn it off entirely if you want to avoid granting permission. However, you must know permitting Bluetooth to share data differs from the streaming audio option to avoid losing connection with your headphones.

Send and Share Photos without the Location

Even if you wish to share pictures or videos with your friends, not your current location or IP. Whenever you share a picture using iOS 13 on the Photos app, check a new option to remove the location data before sending it. 

Block Unwanted Callers & VoIP Apps

After installing the iOS update, you can seamlessly reroute unwanted callers straight to voicemail. But this is a faster and more efficient security feature than the users might imagine. This new feature checks everything from the Contacts app to messages and mail for unknown numbers. You will see a tiny tick whenever a carrier-verified person calls you to identify scammers.

Even if you use voice-over-IP apps to create video calls or audio, you cannot access your data in the iOS 13 update. This data collection connects everyday calls faster if you are not running a background app. It saves your data from abuse. Experts say a few popular apps, such as Snapchat or WhatsApp, have to make some adjustments to align with this update.

Put HomeKit on the Router

Experience extra support for the HomeKit-enabled routers, a staggering security feature of the iOS 13 update. When launched on the market, these devices can isolate all the in-home smart devices. This stops malware from extendingnding across all devices if it stranyf the smart devices. Attacks among connected iPhone devices have become increasingly important. The reason Apple's HomeKit-enabled routers are exceptional. This helps you assign and boost the security of your HomeKit devices as follows.

No restrictions

  • iPhone accessories can only connect to an in-house router and approved services on the internet 
  • You won't be able to speak with each other when you are not using HomeKit-enabled devices
  • Home-Kit-enabled privacy features will encrypt your footage before it leaves the house
  • Besides the security and privacy features, you can access several unique iOS 13 features after installing the update.
If you are not an iPhone user and want to taste this privacy, you can also get an iPhone from any rental iPhone service provider with iOS 13 installed.