Microsoft designed RichCopy

When you copy several files between 2 folders, you need to wait for some time for it to happen. But, RichCopy makes the process quicker for you. If you have copied bulk data and files in the past, then you can relate to the frustration you experience when you don’t have a particular order to manage your files. Think if you have just search every file by name and copy them one by one, how many files you are going to have… It is truly a hectic procedure.

So, Microsoft designed RichCopy to help you out in this situation. It gives you an option just copy as many files as you want from any location you want in a batch of files with just a few clicks. So, in a few instructions your export function is done!

The program allows you to select the location of the files and also select the files and folders you want to transfer. So, all you need to do is sit free and relax and secure yourself from the hassle of manual instructions. You can get all the details of the file in the properties section and find out the details of when the copying started and how much is the estimated end time along with the progress report in percent. It also sends you a time to time report via email to keep you updated about the crucial occurences.

The advantage of this program is that it gives you a notification when you have duplicate files or low space or if the device experiences any technical error at the time of copying. It is certainly one of the best programs when you talk about managing multiple files in a system as you have easy access to read-only format. Hence, you cannot interfere with the original content of the data.

It is simple and easy to download RichCopy and install it on your device. What more striking is its amazing user interface which makes use of lowest graphics garnish. It has a simple functionality and is quite comfortable to use. It comes with advanced features and the user should get a little used to this program to avail its benefits.

If you are using the system in extreme mode, then you should go for the macro record function to smooth out the complete procedure and make it easily manageable. RichCopy works on almost all present Windows Operating systems. You will not have any compatibility issues with any Windows OS.

So, Microsoft RichCopy has a freeware license for computer, desktops and laptops with Windows 32 bits and 64 bits. With this software, every effort which has been taken to manage the functionality of copying files and maintain data is simple and easy. It is the best in managing files and folders on your computer system. So, what are you waiting for! Whether you have small or big copying requirements, it stands perfect for all operations. Download Rich Copy and install it now and avail its services.