Essential Big Rig

Winter weather will be here before you know it, and if you drive a big rig, you'll need to upgrade your truck to keep it comfortable, warm and safe during the season. Treacherous weather, slick roads, freezing temperatures and other winter hazards can make driving a little dicey this time of year. Prepare for the winter weather by investing in some big rig accessories, such as Freightliner Columbia headlights. These aftermarket parts can give you a little more peace of mind and convenience this winter.

Performance Tires

Start with paying more attention to your truck's tires. Your tires are the only thing between you and your vehicle and the road when going long distances. If your tires aren't up to the challenge of winter weather driving, consider upgrading to all-season tires or snow tires. For routes that involve higher elevations and places that get pounded with snow, you may want to think about buying chains for your tires to avoid getting stuck or having an accident in the worst snowy weather.

Better Lights

Upgrading your vehicle's lights can also make a big difference in winter weather driving. Swap the standard headlights from your truck for a higher-quality product, such as Peterbilt 389 headlights. Better lights can give you much more visibility during snowy nights and help you avoid slowing down and messing up your productivity and driving schedule.

Grille Covers

Waterfront grille covers are also great options to add on to your truck during the height of winter. Grille covers help protect your engine from getting infiltrated by the frigid air from outside. They also help keep the snow, sleet, and ice from getting into your vehicle's engine and make it possible to avoid some common vehicle problems in subzero weather.

Comfortable Seats

Your comfort also matters when you're tasked with a long route during a winter storm. One option to help make the drive easier and less stressful is to optimize your interior with better seats. Peterbilt seat covers get the job done by adding comfort and style to your drive. Driving through a snowstorm or other winter event may add hours to your route, so you've got to keep yourself going with a more comfortable cushion on your seat.

Warm Winter Weather Outerwear

During your routes, you'll also need to stop periodically to get some food, rest and truck maintenance. If there ever is a mechanical issue, you want to make sure you're protected outside in the elements on the side of the highway. Be sure to invest in warm winter weather outerwear for yourself in case that happens. You'll need a pair of heavy-duty winter boots, a warm jacket, a hat and gloves at a minimum.

Be Ready for the Season

This winter, don't slow down or get stuck in the worst storms or dangerous weather disturbances. Instead, be ready with your big rig by planning ahead and making sure you and your semi-truck are able to get to your destination. Outfit your semi-truck with these recommended accessories to give yourself the best chance of success in the winter.