Content Marketing Strategies
Content Marketing Strategies 

Customers land up on a page to get an “Aha” moment and wish to leave the page with a comment, “It was a good read,” but the uncommon disappointments happen if the content on your website is not praise-worthy. Your title of the blog may look so enriching, but the context might not be able to justify it. As a result, the audience feels cheated, disappointed, and in the worst case, they get angry for investing their valuable time.

Well, with the internet facilitating people to take a quick shift towards high-quality content, you might fail in keeping up the promise of providing the insights that your audience is looking for. If you are looking for a quick hack to content marketing success, you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, we wish you get expert tips that will not only be helpful in the coming year 2020 but till 2030. Looks like much hype, right? If you trust us, keep reading and figure out yourself.

If you are landing in the uncharted terrain for the first time, you should always remember that “you need to create content for your customers and where your customers are.” Media agencies Melbourne strive hard to remove the black eye, content marketing has in some industries. They are out on a mission to let the world know how the “truth” can be revealed to the customers and how such insightful content drives conversion.

  • Let’s start with the first lesson on content marketing…
  • Have a conscience of the team while planning the strategy:
  • Usually, content marketing fails because of the following reasons:
  • No documented content strategy;
  • Inconsistent content quality;
  • Being Impatient before the results are achieved.

These reasons obviously lead to failure. Still, the major reason contributing to the failure is, the team involved with the content marketing and the ones who control the budget are not aware of the exact scenario. If you did not get what we mean, read this. The whole team of marketing and content creators should have a common platform where they can come and discuss the current scenarios and budget expectations.

Marketers usually do not have any idea of how content marketing runs and may end up giving a limited budget. The solution to this problem is, you need to sit with the budget decision-makers and the content crafters to plan the content marketing strategy. Additionally, create an internal strategy, get people’s conscience, and then craft the final document. You need to educate each and everyone involved in the strategic planning, and then you can expect a successful content marketing plan.

Look out for multiple lines of revenues:

Your content marketing strategy should always start with an achievable goal, and this goal can be anything from gaining more leads to conversion, etc. depending on the position of your business in the market. Why so? Because, if you know your goal, then only you can work in a particular direction, or else, you end up being a maze runner.

Once you know the BuzzFeed strategy of earning revenues, you would understand this point better. BuzzFeed, under the trade name Tasty, is expected to sell nearly $260 million household appliances in 2019 and already has plans for half billions of dollars for the year 2020. Well, not to forget, the brand comes with other trades like Tasty Toys, Tasty Spices, Ice creams, etc.

Also, you should check out how Cleveland clinic health essential blogs formed a strategy to earn through multiple lines of revenues by advertising and sponsoring content over their own platform as well as others.

Following are the options by which you can make more revenues by delivering rich content:

  • You can sell more products;
  • You can sell more services;
  • You should drive repeat customer sales;
  • Market new products to old customers;
  • Start advertising;
  • Attend conferences and events;
  • Go for paid ads with the help of digital media agency Melbourne;
  • Produce e-books and detailed insights of the study;
  • Launch a donation program.
It depends on you how you want to initiate each line of revenue that can drive more sales to the business. 

Buy before you create one for yourself:

90% startups have the chances of failure, reason? Because they do not know the marketing ropes, they do not know when and how to launch the program. As a result, a sudden disappointment is bound to come. To overcome this failure, we suggest you should buy before you build one. This further can be elaborated as, buy the strategy of an already build up project which has a sufficient number of loyal audiences. Taking the example of Raspberry Pi, who bought two magazines from the famous publisher named Dennis Publishing.

Hence if you want to adopt this exclusive strategy into yours, pen down a list of influencers and top media who possess a pool of target audience. Furthermore, study their audience and find out if the group is relevant to your target audience. This step is an excellent opportunity for you to skyrocket the number of customers in a span of a finger(read: very less time).

Go for one thing at a time:

As we all know, “No one can be a jack of all trades,” and to be honest, you should not even try to be one. We say this because it simply becomes difficult to manage multiple content sheets at a time, and you may end up in a mess. Would you like to make those efforts count as a BIG ZERO?

Well, on the contrary, what if we say that it would be great if you go for one thing at a time? We mean, let your team learn and master the blog section, then switch to videos and step by step shift to the podcast. This way, your team will have sufficient time to research and produce quality content which would be unique and astounding.

This quick fix is quite easy to churn up good quality content that has the highest potential of bringing potential clients. You should either start with a blog, newsletter, TV ads, and then move towards other commercial lines of marketing.

Look out for the options where you want to end the social game:

Agreed, social media craze is rising like never before, but, email subscribers are not dead. Organic search and social media issues go hand in hand nowadays. We know that social media platforms will be in rule, but some brands are rarely getting a blip. Having said that, any social media channel needs your content to run. Your content makes them earn their bread because your content can either make or break the brand name. But privacy and authority issues are harming the scenario. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop taking incredible benefits of Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but also make sure that you divert the traffic and attention towards other platforms on which you have better control.

Yes, we can say we are getting back to the ’90s, and there is nothing bad about it. BuzzFeed and The New York Times have already shifted their back gear and started their e-newsletter subscriptions.

Have you started planning yet?

Content marketing is alive and here to stay, but the only thing that might change is the strategy and the content itself. It is the right time to upgrade your content marketing planning and give your audience behind the scene experience. All the best!