Drunkorexia is a condition caused by combining anorexia with alcohol abuse. The term is used to convey the utilization of drastic weight control procedures to compensate for an intended drinking spree. 

In fewer words, it is the starving of the body by cutting back on calories to accommodate alcohol. If you’re getting caught up with drunkorexia and need supports in Jacksonville, see legacy healing jacksonville fl.


No, Drunkorexia is not safe. This is a highly dangerous practise often engaged in by women. Even though Drunkorexia mimics a lot of anorexia propensities it is not yet recognized as an eating disorder.

Drunkorexia is often done as a fitness routine and is prevalent in men and women but it is most common in young women, especially undergraduates. A lot of trainers have been asked by their client's whether or not to skip meals if they are going to be out drinking. 

This article highlights six dangers of the drinking trend known as Drunkorexia.



A nutritional deficiency is a term for a state where the body does not get enough nutrients or calories from food. Cutting back on main calories for empty calories in alcohol denies the body of its required calories for function and growth. As a result, deficiencies might lead to a plethora of consecutive or simultaneous problems such as digestion problems, skin disorders such as pigmentation, impaired bone growth and sometimes, dementia.


Cutting back on calories is, in plainer terms, is starving the body. When done to allow room for alcohol, the person risks getting drunk faster and could even pass out. Occasionally, people who constantly engage themselves in the practice of drunkorexia often blackout, because of lack of calories to keep them alert, up and running. Very similar to what happens to your phone when it runs out of charge.


Cognitive impairment or deficit is when a person has problems with memory, learning new things or skills, difficulty concentrating or making decisions that directly affect their lives. People who have habits of drunkorexia often suffer this because they break down the functioning of their minds, by denying the body good calories and filling it up with empty calories.


Alcohol can greatly impair the brain and heart functions when there happens to be too much in a person's bloodstream. The absence or reduced rate of normal calories in a body system heightens the dangers of alcohol in a vessel. 


Another danger of drunkorexia is memory lapses. This includes complications remembering recent incidents or the entire night. It can also lead to endless memory loss, depicted as dementia. Forgetting If important and stuff become more frequent as a result till the fellow hits dementia.


Depression is not uncommon with alcoholics. Differences are not that different between people engaging in drunkorexia. The other detrimental factors that come with drunkorexia such as frequent blackouts that could cause embarrassments, cognitive impairment and memory loss combined with the health conditions of damage to the brain and heart is more than enough to sink a person into depression.


To avoid the following, you could either quit drinking completely or add some extra calories on party nights. It's not a compulsion to stick to the same amount of calories every day, break the rules every once in a while. It's healthy.


Drunkorexia is not a medical term but a colloquial one, it is also not listed as an eating disorder, however, it is dangerous and has no defined cure or treatment pattern. Eat healthy, not too much and not too little, indulge yourself.