Combine Wine with Barbecue

Combining wine with Barbecue can be both difficult and easy. It all depends on your understanding of the whole process. Not any wine can pair well with any Barbecue. There has to be a connection between the boldness of the wine and the number of fat in the Barbecue. The same goes for the components the two contain, among many other things. The whole process may seem complicated, but the truth is that with the right guide, you stand to have an easy time combining the two. Here are five secrets you need to know to pair wine with Barbecue.

Know the individual components that make up the food and wine.

You can use two different methods to combine wine with roasted food. That is either using the congruent pairing or the unusual pairing. These methods require you to know the components of the food and wine. The different pairing is where you create a perfect balance of taste by combining two different flavors. The harmonious, which is the hardest, requires you to create a pleasant taste by amplifying the shared flavors of the food and wine.

Remember, to come up with a perfect pairing, you will depend on the individual tastes, for instance, the acidity, sweetness, and bitterness of the wine. The food, however, requires you to know the type of spices it contains. It is one of the essential rules that every wine with barbecue pairing guide tends to emphasize.

Pair hamburgers with red wine.

Most hamburgers pair well with red wines that are light-bodied, like Beaujolais. They tend to complement each other perfectly. The sweet and meaty burgers end up squashing the slight bitterness of the wine remarkably well. You need a light-bodied bottle of red wine because hamburgers don't have too much fat.

The last thing you want is to go full-bodied on the wine. The bitterness of such a wine will overwhelm the sweet taste of the burger, thus making the meal hard to enjoy. That is why anyone will recommend something light and fresh. A wine with enhanced strawberry flavor and some earthy taste will make a perfect combination.

Pair grilled seafood with white wines.

seafood with white wines

Pairing grilled seafood is complex. There are two ways to approach this complexity. You can use the congruent method and pair it with white wine that is salty and acidic. You can also go forth and apply the contrasting method. Here, you can decide which sweet, light, or medium-bodied wine can pair with grilled seafood. BBQs like Tequila Lime Shrimp and Moroccan Grilled Fish Kebabs can pair well with sweet red wine. In case you want something spicy, go for Captain Morgan rum. Though not in the wine category, it can pair well with grilled seafood.

If you are, however, dealing with BBQ, like Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Scallops with Lemon Aioli and Grilled Bourbon Tuna Steaks, you should pair it with white wine. Once the two flavors combine, you enjoy a heightened, lovely taste. Just keep in mind you need to be very careful not to end up causing a dining disaster.
Pair lamb, beef, and game Barbecue with red wine.

Pairing your sweet lamb, meat, and game barbecue with red wine is an excellent idea. What happens is that the slightly bitter taste of the wine balances nicely with the lamb flavor. On the other hand, the tannin in red wine cuts well through the fats, thus making you enjoy every bite of your BBQ.

The wine also has a way of balancing the robust, smoky feel of the grilled game. Some of the best wines to pair with include Los Vascos Grande Reserve. The slight acidity of the wine makes it the ideal option. If the game or beef is too fatty, you should opt for a full-bodied wine if you want to enjoy both the drink and the game.

Pair grilled poultry with white wine

grilled poultry with white wine

There is always something about grilled chicken that makes it pair well with an acidic white wine. Depending on the seasoning of the roasted poultry, the pairing method can be congruent or contrasting. That is, if the seasoning contains lemon and other herbaceous spices, then the savory taste of the white wine, such as Los Vascos sources Sauvignon Blanc, will enhance the flavor, making it remarkable for your palate.

On the other hand, the acidity of the sweet wine will cut through the flavor of the chicken to deliver a unique taste. Even though plain grilled poultry calls for white wine, any seasoning added is enough to twist the taste. You thus need the right wine to achieve a great flavor. That is among the best ideas for combining wine with barbecue.

Pair grilled salmon with white wine.

grilled salmon with white wine

Pairing grilled salmon with white wine is one of the best ways to have a remarkable barbecue experience. Grilled salmon often comes out soft and flaky. It also has a subtle salty taste, which can be hard to balance if you are not too good with types of wines. Any poor wine combination can increase the salty taste, thus making your dining experience worse. You, therefore, need something that is going to enhance the taste in a much better way. That is why you need a bottle of white wine such as Pinot Grigio to establish a harmonious pairing that will build the flavor of the Barbecue and make it much tastier. The combination becomes better if the grilled salmon has lemony or herbal toppings.

Pairing wine with Barbecue requires many skills for you to come up with a perfect combination. The good news is that it becomes quite simple once you understand the concept. You can even go ahead and start pairing a spicy grilled barbecue with wines and still come up with a perfect match. All you need to do is pay attention to the details.