Drone for Real Estate Photography

To view real estate properties from a better perspective, photographs or videos and aerial drone services for commercial real estate are contributing a lot.  Many real estate owners prefer their property to be shot by a drone photographer to leave their clients in awe. Indeed, they would approach professionals in the business. And to get the best at it, you must know the basics to get started with the best drone for real estate photography.

Offering a good amount of money for photographs or 2-minute videos, drone photography seems legit to have expertise in. However, to earn from the said source, certain conditions must be fulfilled if you work in the US.

Registering the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The most important thing to using drones for money-making is getting them registered first. Also, you must pass an FAA test and take part 107 certification. It costs a few dollars, approximately 20$ to 25$ and gives you the 3 years license. Once the certificate is done, you can start drone photography or video shooting.

Liability Insurance

Many clients demand liability insurance which ensures that if any damage is caused during the work, it will get compensated. This helps create a healthy work environment and establishes trust between you and your client regarding your professionalism.

The Quality Drones for Real Estate Photography

Buying the best drone for real estate photography must be your first priority while stepping into this business. It will help in boosting up your work credentials and demand in the market. Furthermore, you also have to ensure that the product you purchase is worth the price.

If you are indecisive in the context of a purchase, we are here to assist you by presenting some high-quality drones for real estate photography. 

If you are going to start using drone photography by Next Generation Drones, you can rest assured your real estate marketing will pick up. Drones in the real estate industry are still very novel and not something many people know. They feel that it is too expensive and dismiss the same. However, using drones and creating assets via drone photography has become more affordable in the last few years.

1. DJI Inspire 1

The DJI Inspire 1 is highly-priced among all the models available in the market, and its price is correctly justified by its features. This product comes with a control range of 2 kilometres and a flight time of 18 minutes.

Furthermore, its arms go upward when airborne, which helps eradicate fluctuation while shooting a video. It has a solid 4K camera attached to a three-axis stabilization, ensuring quality and steadiness.

The best part about this product is that it can link two controllers on a single drone. Ultimately, it gives assistance in recording and taking images at the same time.

2. UPair One Plus Drone

The UPair One Plus Drone can be the best match if you are looking for economical options. Despite being the cheap product available, it tends to provide high-quality results with the help of its 4K camera for videos and photography.

Supporting an original 5400mAh battery, this product shall provide 18 minutes of flight time. In addition, it ensures that the drone returns automatically when the battery is low. You can also get an excellent GPS system which can help stabilize the pictures. The best feature of this product is that it has an in-built 7-inch LED screen on the dedicated transmitter.

Things to look for in the Best Drone for Real Estate Photography

People who are serious about opting for real estate photography by using drones as an earning source then they must comply with the list given below;

· Video/Camera Quality

Of course! The client will want the best work in return for the money you demand your service. To cater for that, you must own a drone with a high-quality camera with the best video quality. This aids in displaying minute details about the property that will help attract customers.

· Flight time

Getting the perfect shot can take time, so having a drone with the maximum flight time would be beneficial. If you are using batteries with 20 minutes of flight time, that can be more than enough. However, ensure spare batteries if you are working on big projects.

· Range

The range can be essential to having solid signals and connection with the drone. You must keep it in sight to comply with the laws of owning a drone. But drones with maximum range can help you in operating them efficiently.

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Demand for aerial real estate photography is increasing daily and offers a good amount of money. So, if you want to opt for this as your career option, you must know its basic rules. The above article discusses them all, and if you're going to buy a drone, we have enlisted a small collection of the best drone for real estate photography.