No Makeup Look

It’s always been said that the trick to applying makeup, is to look like you’re not wearing any at all! And that phrase still stands today. While today’s models on Instagram and other media platforms pull off the full coverage foundation, multi-colored eyeshadow, and heavy eyeliner look; it’s their occasional natural makeup look that catches everyone’s eye.

Instead of damaging your skin with layers and layers of products, focus on the steps of application to ensure you achieve the look you want.

While most of us tend to use an abundance of products to cover up skin blemishes and spots that graced us with their presence when we woke up; or try to distract ourselves from our lips or smile that may conjure up insecurities, the skincare consultants at assure us there are much better ways to boost our self-confidence without resorting to the overuse of harmful products. Everyone wants to appear fresh, dewy and blemish-free, and we’re going to help you get just that, using the bare minimum!

Below are the steps you need to apply to achieve the no makeup-look, that will leave you feeling and looking fabulous!

Skin is Always In!

Healthy, glowing, and natural skin never goes out of style. So, applying a proper skin care regimen to your day ensures you’ll have glowing skin to kick start your no-makeup look. Use a hydrating mask first as it’s important to indulge in skin preparation before applying makeup. Hydrating and moisturizing your skin with a face mask will allow you to use less harmful products on your face afterward. Apply a luminous, dewy skin mask as well to bring out that glow you’ve always wanted. You won’t need to use as much foundation or concealer as this mask provides your skin with a fresh, shiny and supple look.

There’s Nothing Finer Than Primer

A primer is necessary before applying any makeup as it establishes a smooth base. Opt for a pore filling primer as it fills up your pores to minimize their appearance. It also prevents the heavy, thick foundation from seeping into your pores that cause clogging which can be quite hazardous to your skin’s health. Add an illuminating primer to give you that desired glow and shimmer. Illuminating primers make you look extra hydrated too.

Don’t Rummage for Coverage

As mentioned above, thick foundations can be problematic, so go light on the coverage. There are better ways to get that full coverage appearance minus the damage. Tinted moisturizers are a major must-have replacement for foundations. BB and CC creams also do the deed, while providing your skin with extra hydration and allowing your skin to breathe still. Use a foundation brush or sponge to apply your creams and moisturizes as not to remove the dewiness.

Believe in Lightweight Concealer

Yes, you don’t want the dark circles under your eyes or your blemish spots to be visible, and you would much rather throw on a full coverage concealer to boost your confidence. But we’re about to make you a believer when it comes to using a lighter concealer! Opt for a lightweight, hydrating concealer and blend it into your skin with your fingers; watch just how radiant and creamy your skin will appear!

Truly Dewy

The dewy skin look is popular for a reason, and everyone wants in on the craze! Applying dewiness to your cheekbones will have you glowing from ear to ear. Dewy shine is the number one way to achieve the no make look up, and with the luminous, hydrating balms and illuminating powders available now, you can get it. Your face will appear au natural!

Final Tips and Tricks

Finish off your look with your favorite gadgets, after all, we’re not going to deprive you of your mascara and lipsticks, but we are going to prove to you that less is more! Say goodbye to eyebrow pencils and encourage natural, bushy brows; before you fret, trust us and indulge in brow gels and apply them on with a brow brush to brush them into place. Swap your bronzers and blushers for blush creams and balms; you still get your rosy, flushed cheeks, but in the most natural way. Last but not least, opt for natural-looking lipstick colors and blot them with tissue to avoid stickiness and maintain your natural visage!

Now you can achieve the no-makeup look every day and have your friends and family members beaming over your fresh-faced look! Using fewer products is beneficial for your skin’s health, and you can, in fact, sport your natural glow without them.