There's no doubt that classic French sights always rock. However, it's also worthwhile going off the beaten path in France and doing quirky things for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

unusual things to do in France

Here are 7 cool and unusual things to do in France:

Set out to the mountainous region of Pyrenees - A vast mountain range splitting France and Spain, the Pyrenees is a notably picturesque region in the European continent. Countless charming villages dot the Pyrenees mountains and are full of chalk-white houses and spic and span streets. Remember the nightlife of Nice. You can plan a Nice tour with the help of NiceFunTours.

Take in the Pyrenees' warm and welcoming atmosphere, and explore the myriad of natural marvels and the diverse, wine-growing landscape. Take a cable car ride high up to the Pic du Midi, the site of an observatory-cum-planetarium. Also, explore the breathtaking valleys of Pyrenees National Park, spanning sixty miles.
While admiring the red peppers basking in the countryside, drive straight to the mountaintop and indulge in wine tasting in the vast wine region. France is home to some of the world's leading wineries offering wine-tasting tours for travellers looking to dip their toes in the local culture and cuisine while whetting their palates with delicate and exciting wines.

1. Marvel at the square-headed La Tete Carrée Library - Hiding a whole library, La Tete Carrée is one massive, intriguing, square-headed sculpture with a chin resting upon two rounded shoulders. This iconic library in central Nice City and nicknamed 'thinking inside the box' stands 85 feet tall, housing 3 stories of books. 
Marvel at the square-headed La Tete Carrée Library

Although you cannot visit the library, you'll enjoy clicking your selfies with La Tete Carrée as a background! You can make out this giant structure's floors at night through the illuminated canvas covering its exterior.

2. Stay the night in unusually quiet Ile d'Aix - The most miniature village in the New Aquitaine region and the last place on French soil where Emperor Napoleon stayed before banishment, Île-d'Aix is a no-cars, silent place full of stones and water. With oyster farming as its significant economic activity, Île-d'Aix also has plenty to explore.
  • Besides cycling or walking around the picturesque sea landscapes, the Governor's House is one quirky museum you must visit. What's more, it houses the very bed on which Emperor Napoleon slept!
  • Take advantage of a delicious, fresh-cooked meal at one of the restaurants while sipping chilled wine and taking in breathtaking beach scenery.
  • Stay overnight in Hotel Napoleon, a family-run, reasonably-priced boutique hotel that serves exquisite local cuisine. Île-d'Aix is one place where you can truly indulge in the extraordinary outdoors - French style.

3. Visit the Marie Curie Museum - How about a dash of science on your France tour? Take advantage of an educational tour of the Marie Curie Museum in Paris. What better way to learn about the life and remarkable contribution of science's highly regarded woman?
  • The museum, which is, in fact, a part of Marie Curie's erstwhile laboratory, preserves a rich and diverse heritage in the form of archival documents, scientific instruments, photos, books, and films. The museum also traces several phases of discoveries, winning her two Nobel prizes, one in Physics and the other in Chemistry.

The Marie Curie Museum also organizes cultural events like Museum Night and Music Festival.

4. Stay in the historic Cour des Loges Hotel - A Renaissance jewel of the French city of Lyon, this landmark luxury hotel was instrumental in the 20th-century French Resistance, helping the nation overpower the German Nazis.
  • The Cour des Loges Hotel made up of four 14th-century historic buildings, will offer you modern comfort combined with ancient charm.
  • Add an element of luxury to your trip by staying in this 5-star, unique property possessing 62 rooms and serving traditional and contemporary cuisine. While enjoying a relaxing stay at Cour des Loges, it's also worthwhile exploring the ancient city and marvelling at its unique European architecture.

5. Discover the world's oldest barrel-stored wine - The ancient wine cellar holding the historic barrel-stored wine lies hidden in Strasbourg City Hospital's basements. Climb down a modest stairway beside a departmental unit and leading to an entryway. Find yourself in a spacious room with barrels of old or ageing wine.
  • Among these barrels is the hidden treasure - a white wine from 1472. The ancient cellar is reachable for wheelchairs and strollers through an elevator. You can take a guided tour and do a wine tasting here while also purchasing reasonably-priced wine.
  • Try the lovely Quernons d'Amboise: While you can always savour macarons in France, don't deprive yourself of a fantastic treat - the lavender-laced, lovely Quernons d'Amboise!
  • A confectionery containing caramelized nougatine and almonds with a coating of violet chocolate, Quernons d'Amboise is a speciality in the French city of Angers.
These gorgeous, sweet treats also make unique French souvenirs to take back home. So, plan a visit to Angers, and savour this lip-smacking delicacy.

So, now you have plenty of unusual reasons to visit France, what with exploring picturesque mountains, marvelling at a uniquely-sculpted library, getting familiar with Napoleon's life, learning tons about Marie Curie's work, staying in a historic, plush hotel, discovering hidden, ancient wine, and relishing hand-crafted French confectionery.

If you're planning a trip right away, don't forget to carry a carte du monde à gratter. Once you're back home, it's sure to refresh your memories of all the cool things you did in France.