A simple and effective trick to take care of our cotton clothes is to separate the colored clothes from the white ones when washing them.

The clothes evolve and every time new techniques of creation of the garments are used. Many times we do not think about how we will wash a garment when we buy it in the store, we simply look at how beautiful it is and how good it feels.

These advances within the textile industry make garments much more functional than ever, although their care is somewhat confusing in the end. The labels show several ways to wash each garment: at low temperature, cold, at 30 ºC, 40 ºC, hand wash, softeners, dry drying or ironing are not allowed. There are many variants and we can go a little crazy.

However, there are methods to wash properly and without fear of being wrong. In this case, we refer to the most used material par excellence: cotton.

Cotton clothes are very comfortable, elegant and fresh. It is the materials that give fewer problems to our skin and the most used. However, with time, that shirt that we have worn so much begins to look ugly. What can we do?

If you want your cotton clothes to stay as new for longer, we tell you how you can wash them.

Methods for washing cotton clothes

The ideal and most convenient is to separate and wash the stains that we have more difficult in the first place and separately. Acquire any cleaning product or make a homemade cleaner to remove difficult stains before putting the garment in the washing machine.

We have to be clear that it is not the same to try a light-colored cotton T-shirt, then dark or white shirts. We have to prevent white garments from mixing with those of color.

1. Temperature and type of detergent

We have to pay special attention to the temperature of the water with which we wash, as well as check what type of detergent we use. We should never use hot water to wash cotton clothes because it can cause it to fade and even shrink its tissue and weaken it.

If your washing machine has a delicate washing option, it would be the best option. Also, do not forget that excessive washing of cotton can cause the fibers to be battered. Try to wash the cotton garments altogether.

2. Dryer

The dryer can be a fantastic invention, however, it can cause certain types of garments to be broken and damaged. If you want to use it, keep the drying cycle to a minimum.

If you prefer to hang clothes, do it in a cool place and that does not directly affect sunlight. The sun can damage it in the long run, as it also weakens the fibers.

3. Use starch

The use of starch makes cotton clothes last longer. However, it should not be applied after each wash. Just do it from time to time to make that garment last longer.

4. Attention to the iron

The iron is essential in some garments, such as shirts for mimi or certain types of shirts or pants. If you want to use it, do it at a high temperature because this type of tissue wrinkles a lot.

5. Clothes storage system

Moths are cotton lovers, so you should pay attention and store your clothes in a dry, clean and moth-free place.

Keep an organized closet so that the clothes do not wrinkle or spoil. If you want to use a cotton garment that has been stored for a long time, the ideal thing would be to take it out for a couple of hours to ventilate.

6. Wet the cotton

It is convenient to wet the cotton before washing it, always depending on the dirt that presents the garment in question. If it is very dirty, it is ideal to soak it overnight with detergent powders.

Cotton is a very resistant material and is one of the favorite fabrics of people for the comfort and comfort we are when we wear this type of clothing. Now you know how to wash it in a better way, always try to avoid high temperatures, and even more if it is colored clothes, and separate it so as not to have any disgust. Finally, do not hesitate to share this great knowledge with your friends and family.