Move to New York City

New York City is one of the most popular and attractive cities in the world. Despite the high cost of living, busy traffic, milling crowds, and absolute chaos, people from all around the world dream about what it would be like to immerse into the cultural melting pot that is the Big Apple. This city is full of inexhaustible creative energy and a virtually endless parade of varied tastes due to the great diversity of people who live there. Here are some more facts about New York City, after which you will drop what you are doing and start planning your move.

5 Reasons to Move to New York City

1. Public transport

Public transportation in New York City allows you to reach literally every point in the city. As a result, citizens have the freedom that comes without worrying about a car, parking tickets, parking itself, etc. Public transportation is so convenient and easy that only a small number of people drive their own vehicles. Moreover, the subway is the place where New Yorkers inevitably make friends and memories.

2. Many good choices

A chocolate cake at midnight? An early morning hairstyle? New Yorkers can get anything they want at almost any time. Within walking distance from your apartment, you are sure to find a grocery store, a beauty parlour, a drug store, a pet shop, a mall, and many more. Moreover, no matter what time of day, week, or year it is, there is always something happening in NYC. New Yorkers have a wide range of activities for all tastes at their disposal. You can really do whatever and whenever you want.

In addition, New York is home to thousands of reliable moving and shipping companies, so that it is easy enough to find the one that will take the burden of the relocation off your shoulders.

3. Cultural diversity

One of the city's central features is its rich diversity, because of which NYC is often called America's melting pot. More than 30 per cent of New York's citizens come from other countries, so you can hear a different language spoken at every turn. People move to New York from around the world, and any of them can be your new coworker or neighbour. Thus, if you are in New York, you have a chance to explore new cultures and different lifestyles without actually going anywhere.

4. Food

The most famous chefs call New York City their true home. The city is the only place on the planet where you can find great food from literally any corner of the globe. You will have plenty of opportunities to witness some of the most inspired cuisines, both in conventional and modern gastronomy, not to mention pop-up restaurants, amazing NYC burgers, innumerable food trucks, etc. Overall, New York City appears to have the most diverse food scene in the United States.

5. Atmosphere

There is no other city on the planet that can compete with New York’s special energy and atmosphere. It is not about its fast-flowing traffic, constant hustle and bustle of the crowd, and around the clock schedule; it is about its great creative spirit. You won’t find more cultural and art events happening in a concentrated area anywhere on Earth. Thereby, if you are looking for a sense of adventure, New York is your dream city.

Want to change the pace of your life? If you choose to relocate to New York City, your pace will surely be rapid, furious, but still absolutely breathtaking!