If your man happens to be a proud owner of a 4WD off-road truck, you needn’t worry about what to buy him this Christmas, as he will always warmly receive any gift that is related to his beloved truck. Obviously, you need to take stock of the vehicle, to ensure he doesn’t already have what you are planning to buy, and if you are unsure about 4WD trucking accessories, here are a few of the most popular add-ons that will really make his Christmas.

  • Bumper Protectors They are also called cattle grids and bullbars, which offer protection for the front of the truck, and if he doesn’t yet have one in place, this could be the ideal gift. Once you know the make and model of his truck, simply search online for a local 4WD truck accessories supplier and before you know it, you have located the perfect set of protective bars.

  • Recovery Winch An essential add-on if he loves going through boggy ground, a recovery winch will allow him to pull himself out of a sticky situation, should his vehicle become stuck in deep mud. Not only that, a winch will empower him to do the same for another vehicle, should he happen to come across a stuck in the mud truck. If you are unsure about which make is best, ask the supplier and don’t forget to tell him which truck your man drives and he’ll make sure the winch is fully compatible.

  • LED SpotlightsEven if he already has a couple, he will certainly be able to find a place to fit a couple more LED spotlights, as most truck drivers are of the opinion that the more spots you have, the better. Very useful at night, the best type are the ones that can be swiveled in any direction, and should you decide to buy him a pair of LED spotlights, they will be fitted before you know it!

  • Device HolderEvery truck driver needs a special device holder that can be affixed to the central console, allowing him to look at his smartphone screen while driving, which is ideal when he uses Google Maps. As you know the make and model of his smartphone and 4 WD accessory store such as Coastals would have a range of device holders in attractive colors.

  • Windscreen Washer Unit with LED Lights Very easy to fit, you can add a touch of color to his pride and joy with a set of LED windscreen washers, and every truck driver would simply love this novel add-on, and he can install the units within a few minutes.

You still have a few months before the arrival of Christmas, so take note when you are a passenger in his truck to see what accessories he is currently lacking and one thing is for sure; he will love any extra that he can fit onto his prized 4WD truck. Search online for a supplier and you can browse in the comfort of your own home until you find the perfect gift for the man in your life.