Xeomin vs Azzalure:

Age-related skin changes usually begin with wrinkle formation, first there appear fine lines and then deep lines. Everything that happens to us is imprinted on our faces – life experience, joys and sorrows. Injections of Botox used to be the most popular way to remove wrinkles, but the world of cosmetology does not stand still. Today, Xeomin and Azzalure are worthy and effective rivals of Botox.

Xeomin and Its Advantages

One of the components of botulinum toxin products (Botox and Dysport) are proteins that act as a preservative, but at the same time, they can provoke immune responses such as hyperemia and swelling at the injection site. And it is not surprising, because all people have their own protein composition, and the injected protein is foreign to them. Xeomin (look for Xeomin here) does not contain any protein, only active neurotoxin, without impurities and preservatives, which significantly reduces the risk of possible responses.

The small molecular weight of Xeomin (150 kDa), which is currently less than the weight of all other preparations containing botulinum toxin, makes it possible to inject Xeomin even into the smallest muscles of the face. Natural facial expressions after the injection of Xeomin are preserved, because the medication does not affect the facial muscles at the injection site.

The most common applications of Xeomin in aesthetic cosmetology are:

  • removal of transverse and longitudinal folds on the forehead;
  • correction of “crow’s feet” or fine lines that are formed around the eyes when smiling;
  • correction of the nasolabial fold, the area around the lips or nose;
  • correction of the neck and d√©collet√©, especially if there are vertical wrinkles in this area.

Apart from the smoothing effect, Xeomin helps well in case of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

The therapeutic effect of botulinum toxin is noticeable just two days after the injection. The peak of the cosmetic effect occurs on the 10th-17th day. The effect lasts for three-six months, then the muscle spasm gradually comes back.

What do We Know About Azzalure?

Previously Azzalure (Azzalure from supplier is here) was widely known under the brand name Dysport, however, it was used to treat only serious diseases such as cerebral palsy, facial tic or strokes. Now it is actively used by plastic surgeons as well.

Depending on the depth and intensity of wrinkles, patients will need up to 30 units of the product injected into each area. The treatment is targeted at interbrow wrinkles. Like Botox, the injections were developed as a muscle relaxant based on botulinum toxin.

The injections of Azzalure have been developed collaboratively by the dermatological pharmaceutical companies Galderma and Ipsen.

The botulinum toxin type A complex blocks the release of acetylcholine in neuromuscular synapses, resulting in the elimination of muscle spasm at the injection site. After the injection, the delay time of the reaction is 2-3 days and the maximum effect is observed between the 10th and the 21st day. The effect lasts for 16-24 weeks on average.

Which is Better: Azzalure or Xeomin?

It is impossible to give a neat answer to the question, even though these preparations contain botulinum toxin. But according to the results of observations made by cosmetologists, Xeomin shows a gentler effect than Azzalure. That is, facial expressions after Xeomin injections are livelier than after Azzalure. But the effect produced by Xeomin is somewhat weaker, which is quite justified.

There are also such differences between these products as the conditions and terms of storage, dosage per procedure, and production technology.