Many of us are afraid of our home being ransacked by a burglar, so we buy the best security alarms we can. Others would argue that, even with an alarm, a determined burglar will be able to get what he wants anyway. While it’s true that in some cases there’s nothing we can do to save our belongings, statistics explain that homes without alarms are incredibly more likely to get raided.

1. Protection

The first reason why you need to install a security system is obvious, as we all know that a security alarm is a countermeasure against having your home broken into. Alarms, however, have another purpose apart from alerting you and the police of a potential threat.

In most cases of attempted robbery, the criminals run away before law enforcement arrives. This is because they were frightened by the alarm, and they’d rather try breaking into another house than stick around to see what happens. This is why dogs can also act as a type of security system. As soon as a robber knows that there’s a dog around, he’s much more likely to give up on the raid; let alone when your pet starts barking because something’s wrong.

2. Safety

Most thieves know when their targets aren’t home, and usually, strike during business hours when everyone goes to work. However, the real danger is when a housebreaker decides to trespass overnight.

These people aren’t trying to hurt us, as they usually just want to steal inventory that they can later resell or use for themselves. However, out of fear of getting caught, some of them bring knives and guns to intimidate whoever they may stumble upon. If we wake up during a robbery and confront the raider, there’s a high chance that someone will unintentionally get hurt.

The worst-case scenario is when we leave our children with a babysitter. The person who is taking care of our kids likely isn’t familiar with the house and is in a seriously dangerous spot. If we don’t install security alarms, we’re putting family and friends in harm’s way as well.

3. Multipurpose

There are several types of home alarms and security systems. The ones we mainly think about trigger a siren when someone enters our home or business. However, groups such as Protection Revolution offer various kinds of alarms that not many people know about.

If an alarm goes off, certain types will send you a notification, allowing you to decide what to do from there. On the other hand, special security systems will simultaneously send a distress signal directly to the police.

There are a few interesting choices, including pet-friendly sensors, smoke detectors, medical buttons, panic buttons, and so on. In some cases, you might find it useful to mix and match several types of alarms. With just a bit of research, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

4. Stress

Apart from ensuring personal safety and increasing home security, there’s another important reason to install security alarms. With the stress that comes from daily obligations, work, and relationships, people need to relax. A constant flow of stress is proven to negatively affect every aspect of our lives.

If something eventually does happen, your alarm is likely to scare the burglar, as previously mentioned, and the police are on their way. While these situations will be stressful, they’re a much better option than constantly worrying about the safety of our home, yet still being in the dark regarding a burglary in progress.

5. Remote Monitoring

Something that further reduces stress is the ability to remotely monitor our home. To no surprise, modern technology gives us a way to keep track of home alarms through our smartphones. There are a few factors that make our smartphone the ideal security tool, including alarm monitoring and real-time alerts.

If you’ve installed closed-circuit cameras around your home, you’ll be able to watch a direct feed whenever you feel that something is amiss. Another feature of this application is managing smart lighting. You can remotely activate the lights in your home, and this will deter burglars as they’ll get the impression that someone is home.

To conclude, there are several reasons you should install a security alarm in your home. Apart from increased protection, alarms will relieve us of stress when we’re away from home. Furthermore, experience shows that implementing a security system in your home drastically reduces the chances of your home being targeted. Apart from keeping our belongings safe, personal safety is just as important.