Car Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons why Houston is considered an unusually lethal area for drivers, commuters, and pedestrians. One of these reasons is the longer commute duration. For every 29.5 minutes, four out of five people drive without any companion. The next reason is that Houston roads are built for maximum speed. Driving 75 miles per hour (mph) is legal to move as many motorists as possible quickly.

Also, car accident lawyers in Houston are always busy litigating collision cases because of the light enforcement of traffic laws all over the city. Instead of implementing traffic accident prevention laws, the authorities are counting casualties of vehicular mishaps on Houston highways.

It would take an entire village to find a sustainable solution to the city’s worsening road accident scenario. As a motorist and pedestrian, you also must observe caution and “extraordinary diligence” while on the road. While a concerted effort from all stakeholders in the community can turn the situation around, a lawyer’s help is urgently needed when a road mishap occurs.

How can a lawyer help you during a road accident?

Car accidents can come in the form of a vehicular rollover, single-car accident, rear-end crash, side-impact clash, and head-on collision. Regardless of the type of vehicular accident you might get into, here are ways your lawyer can help you.

Your lawyer can help prove that you exercised extraordinary diligence.

If you’re the accused, you need a justifying circumstance to absolve you from criminal or civil liability. You must prove that you exercised a degree of “reasonable foresight” in the situation.

With the help of car accident lawyers in Houston, you can face the Houston court to prove yourself. This is where you can justify that you regularly check your vehicle or that the other party had the “last clear chance” to avoid the collision.

Your lawyer can help gather evidence to prove your claims.

If you are the accused, your lawyer can help justify your actions to avoid liability. On the other hand, if you’re the injured party in a vehicular accident, your lawyer can help you in the following:
  • Gather all necessary proof of the other party’s liability
  • Gather and sort all your hospital records and medical bills
  • Gather missing files from your healthcare provider
  • Collaborate with your attending physicians to ensure all medical information necessary for you to prove the damages stated in your legal claim.
  • Negotiate claims with lien holders (like worker’s compensation, disability, and health insurers)
  • Negotiate on your behalf a satisfactory and reasonable settlement with a defense attorney or insurance adjuster

Your lawyer can advocate for you.

The best benefit of having a lawyer at your disposal is you get a reliable and knowledgeable ally who can represent you and advocate for your rights. A lawyer can ensure that your side of the story is heard before the judge, the court, and other proceedings.

Your lawyer can also ensure you will be appropriately compensated for all the losses and damage you have suffered.