Western Union To Send Money To Mexico

Sending money electronically is a better way to do it than sending it through the mail. Now, there may be a few occasions where sending it via check or money order in snail mail still has to be done. However, Western Union is a service that overcomes many of the complications involved with electronic transfers, and people can send and receive money through it even if they don't have bank accounts. For those who may be away from home who need to transfer money to Mexico, you can do so through Western Union in several ways.

Send Cash To Mexico In Person At Your Local Western Union Agency

Western Union only sometimes has standalone offices in local towns, but many supermarkets and drug stores offer the service at their customer service counters. Using the Western Union app or website, you can find a store with a Western Union service near you and fill out the paperwork to send your money to Mexico with in-person assistance. You could even use the app to start a transfer and finish it at the agency. People usually do this when they prefer to conduct transfers in cash instead of sharing their card or bank information online. You can also use additional features for your recipient if you fill out a paper form at your local Western Union agent.

Use A Bank Withdrawal To Send Money

If you want to send money through the Western Union app or website without going to a local agent, an ACH withdrawal from your bank is an option. You'll need an active personal checking account to do this, and you'll need to know your bank's routing number. If you're sending this money to your recipient's bank account, you'll also need this same information for them. The fees for sending money this way can be cheaper than other payment methods, but sometimes, funds can take a few days to transfer.

Use A Bank Or Prepaid Debit Card To Send Money

It may be more convenient to send money to Mexico using your bank debit card or a prepaid one because money transfers usually happen instantly this way. You can send your funds as either a cash pickup or a bank deposit for your recipient, although the latter option may take one business day or longer to clear. Just be aware, though, that fees are usually much higher. Doing it this way depends on how much you want to send and how your recipient will receive the funds.

Using A Credit Card To Send Funds

A credit card can be another option for sending money to Mexico, but you may want to do something other than this. Most credit card companies will consider a Western Union transfer the same as an ATM withdrawal, which could mean huge cash advance fees accruing an APR of more than 100℅. If you use a credit card for Western Union, you should contact your credit card provider first and make sure you're clear on what kind of fees will come with it and how you're required to repay those fees.

What makes Western Union handy is that their app can tell you immediately how your local currency will convert to Mexican pesos. Your recipient can receive it in that amount without taking the foreign currency to a bank for exchange. Western Union allows you to send your money from almost anywhere in the world to Mexico, whether in the US, Canada, Africa, Japan, or France. Just make sure you know your recipient and keep track of your receipts and essential numbers in case you need to cancel a transfer.