Kerala is a place packed with various beautiful attractions for different kinds of people. Kerala has quite a few museums that give the visitors a glimpse of the rich culture of the South and allow tourists to know about its history and art. When you visit a museum in Kerala, it’s like turning the lush history of your book into reality. While the backwaters of Kerala calm your soul and the mountains bring to life the adventure freak in you, the museums, in turn, fill you up with knowledge.

Here are a few museums you can’t miss out on while selecting your Kerala Packages for Family trips –

Kerala Folklore and Culture Museum

Situated in Thevara, Ernakulam of Kerala is the Kerala Folklore and Culture Museum that beholds the rich culture and heritage of this unique state. The Museum has distinct window frames, and the ceilings are hand-painted. You can find folk art puppets, samples of architecture, and musical instruments that you won’t find elsewhere. You can even enjoy watching classical dance performances of dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam, and Kathakali while live music plays in the background.

The Napier Museum

Positioned in the heart of the city of Thiruvananthapuram and named after the former Madras Governor-General, John Napier is the Napier Museum that is a treat for the lovers of art and architecture. The Museum has adopted the Anglo Saracen style of architecture completed with a gothic-type of the roof and has highly impressive minarets.

The Museum contains bronze idols, ancient ornaments, stone carvings as well as the other artefacts that would swoon all art lovers off their feet. The works of famous artists such as Raja Ravi Verma, Nicholas Roerich, and others can also be found in the Museum. A display of art such as that of the Rajut, Tanjore as well as Mughal can be found here along with the portraits of the royal family.

Hill Place Archaeological Museum

The Museum was once the home of Kings of Kochi but is now transformed into a Museum for the tourists. It is known as the Hill Place Archaeological Museum and is the largest archaeological museums in Kerala. You will burn with jealousy while taking a look at the way the kings lived in royalty. You can take a peek through their vast collection of crowns, jewellery, beautiful paintings, and old sculptures as well as a sartorial collection on display. Take a look at the coins used during the 19th century by them and the kind of garments that women used to wear. The Museum also exhibits an entire gallery full of contemporary art.

Kerala Science and Technology Museum

This one is for the geeks out there. If you eat, read and breathe science- this place is tailored for you. There’s a lot new you can learn from this Museum and well as enhance your love and knowledge for science. There are live models that explain different scientific terms easily to the masses. They even broadcast science-related shows that are great for kids and adults alike. The Museum hosts awareness classes for science and technology regularly. Also, quiz competitions in science and technology for schools and students are organized here regularly.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

This Museum is located in Kumarakom and showcases a vast collection of high-quality masterpieces made by eminent artists. The collections include a rare root sculpture that was carved out of driftwood that shored after travelling a long distance overseas, thus forming art pieces that are mind booming.

Archaeological Museum, Thrissur

Located in the Shakthan Thampuran Palace is the Archaeological Museum marking a prominent landmark in the annals of the Perumpadappu Swaroopam who were the former rulers of Kochi. The Museum is the home to the treasures of Kings such as ola granthangal, hero stones, temple models, megaliths and manuscripts written on dry palm leaves. You will also find stones containing carvings of figures and weapons most probably written in the ancient times called Veera kallu are also exhibited in the Museum. These sculptures of figures and stone engravings with weapons belong mostly to the heroes of ancient ages. The temple models, which are cast in plaster of Paris, represent ancient temples of Kerala. This Museum can be surely tagged as one of the best archaeological museums not just in Kerala, but the whole of India.

Apart from these, there are other museums that you can explore. Make sure that when you plan for a Kerala tour, you’re covering most of these museums as they are a delight to visit for all age groups.