In this piece, we would like to share some information about the pros and cons associated with robot vacuums to know what to expect once you’ve purchased one.


Scheduled Cleaning

It is highly convenient to program your vacuum to run on specific days, during particular times each day, cleaning the floors without needing human interaction.

Vacuuming In Tough-To-Reach Places And Under Furniture

When vacuuming with traditional vacuums, one always has to lift up the sofa and re-arrange large furniture pieces. A robot vacuum can quickly clean under there and eliminate dust and debris without hassle.

Spot Cleaning

Many robot vacuums have a mode you can use if there is a mess or spill in a specific area. Instead of scouring the whole house, the spot cleaning mode will focus on the space you have directed it to. You can do this with Riccar R10CV.

Can Double-Up As A Mop

Mopping is equally undesirable as vacuuming. Some robot vacuums can transform into automated robot mops. Wired Smart’s robot vacuum roundup page can provide more detailed information.


Keep The House Vacuum-Proof

Like with a standard vacuum, small objects, socks, and pet toys can get stuck in the robot vacuum. The only difference is that you are not always home to pick it up. Therefore, the house must be kept vacuum-proofed before the vacuum starts.

The Device Can Get Stuck

Some vacuums are taller than others, and even a quarter-inch difference means that the robot vacuum can get wedged underneath a cabinet and get stuck or bounce off it in the corner.

The Device Is Not Finding Its Way Home

Once the battery depletes, the vacuum must return to the charging dock automatically. It works most of the time, but sometimes a rogue robot vacuum can’t find its way home and is stranded somewhere in the middle of the home.

They Must Be Emptied Regularly

To prevent the battery from draining too swiftly and getting around tight spaces, the unit must be emptied regularly. The robot vacuum bins are much smaller than those of traditional vacuums.

There Are Places You Still Have To Vacuum

Even though a robot vacuum is exceptionally convenient, there are still places where it can’t get to. Owning a vacuum can help reduce the need to vacuum, but you still have to clean periodically; therefore, keeping your standard vacuum in the storage closet may be helpful too.


The robot vacuum is louder than standard vacuums. For most people, this may not be an issue, but it may become one for those who can’t tolerate noise.


Robot vacuums are pricier than traditional vacuums. However, the ones on the lower end can still offer more than your standard vacuums. For some people, the extravagant cost may be a bit too much.


There are a few downsides to the robot vacuum cleaner, but most of them don’t seem intolerable. When you consider the effectiveness and convenience they offer, it is still worth investing in.