Instagram Account Today

Instagram has absolutely taken the market by storm and created an entirely new niche for businesses to make money by reaching a larger pool of consumers. Instagram is an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach new clients. If you are considering opening an Instagram account, it is absolutely worthwhile to do so for your company. Review the information below about why Instagram can substantially change your company’s sales figures:

6 Reasons to Start an Instagram Account Today

Instagram is a vital tool to utilize in the market today. Instagram stats are something that governs brands and companies worldwide. Consider these six reasons to start an Instagram account today:

1. 800 Million Active Users and Growing

Instagram has over 800 million active users. This means 800 million people around the world that can engage with your products like never before. Even if they are not in the same country as you, you can reach new markets for a fraction of the cost.

2. Strong Connection to Your Audience Through Visual Content

Instagram is ideal for visual content. Individuals respond to visual images. Instagram capitalizes on this, which is why it is popular with consumers.

3. Advertising Budget

Instagram offers advertising to companies that utilize their platform. These advertisements can be connected to landing pages, which is positive for directly engage consumers to make sales.

4. Shop Option

For companies that want an instant store for their brand’s products, Instagram has integrated an e-commerce feature, which has had extraordinary results for companies. Companies can engage with influencers that will promote their products on their accounts and link back to their e-commerce store.

5. Stories Swipe Up Feature

Stories are pictures or videos that expire in 24 hours. If an account has more than 10,000 followers, the stories feature can directly link to a website to drive more traffic to the websites. This is a great tool for companies to use hashtags to reach a larger pool of consumers.

6. Video Capabilities

Video capabilities allow Instagram to reach even more consumers since videos show up in an individual’s feeds first. This is an exceptional way to create engaging content and further drive sales.

Final Remarks

Instagram is a platform that periodically keeps evolving. Companies have been able to transform their sales funnels like never before while using Instagram. If you are considering getting an Instagram account, it is wise to work with a professional firm to help you reach your target audience. By doing so, you will be able to hone in on your precise customer and create an ongoing relationship with them through posting engaging content and closing sales on your company’s goods and/or services. It will be incredible to see what Instagram will come up with next and how markets around the globe will continue to transform based on engaging with their platform. Instagram is only just getting started, which is precisely why companies need to join in so they can get the maximum benefit from Instagram’s perpetually growing global reach.