The lovey-dovey image Vietnam holds in the minds of people, often restricts adventurous and avid travelers to consider this place in their top list of adventure places. But, imagine yourself on a skateboard, surfing some of the pristine beaches, climbing some of the unexplored caves and getting thrills from countryside driving. Vietnam is nothing less in providing some over-exciting and exotic experiences on your tours to Vietnam.

We promise after reading this blog, you will soon include Vietnam in your bucket list for some real adventurous reasons. Does it sound exhilarating? Keep reading to get the virtual experience.

A Trek to En Cave and National Park:

Cave and National Park

Passing through the river, meeting the locals, and trekking some really slippery and steep steps is how your journey is going to be on this trek to Hang En Cave. You will be passing through the lush green mini-forest and may encounter unseen insects. The cave is 1.645 m long, passing through the mountain and opens up to three entrances. The three entrances are one at the halfway to the mountain top and second & third open up at the foothill towards the south-east and north-west of Rao Thuong stream. Adding more to the thrill, you can actually spend a night in the caves, set up night camps and enjoy the morning sun rays striving to get into the caves.

How about a shot of a snake wine?

snake wine

If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, you should definitely include the “Snake Village” in your Vietnam travel packages. The place derived its name because the village serves every possible snake items. The list is not just limited to snake wine but extended to even a stir-fried snake. You would get your heartbeats beating fast when the locals will serve and ask you to swallow a live-beating heart of a snake. Oops… Oops. Don’t faint after reading this. You should go and experience things in real (Only if you want to have heights of adventures). We don’t know why the villagers put a snake into the wine bottles or how the snake infuses essence in the strong liquor, but we are sure, the experience is going to drive you crazy.

Ever heard about fishing with bare hands?

fishing with bare hands

Mekong Delta is one-of-its-kind, and the floating market in the city makes it more interesting. The Mekong comprises interlinked rivers and canals, and you will find locals catching fish by bare hands. And guess what? You can join them in this fun activity and grab a reward of the grilled fish in your lunch. The market is the top highlight when someone thinks of traveling to South Vietnam. During the trip, you can also enjoy the folklores, regional cuisine, fruit orchards, and the vibrant market. The scenes are scintillating where you would find locals gathered to buy daily products, vegetables, and other essentials while travelers float through the bars, restaurants, and souvenirs shops.

Want to try the egg coffee?

egg coffee

We have good news for our coffee lovers too. Vietnam serves the best coffee in the world (shout out to the coffee lovers). But wait wait.. Have you heard of the extravagant cup of joe in Vietnam? Locally known as ‘cà phê trứng’ is a unique coffee with deliciously frothy egg white. You can have a sip of this mouth-watering egg coffee at Giang Cafe and Dinh Cafe in Hanoi. This egg-coffee is a real treat after a tiring day. It is a perfect blend of egg yolk, sugar, Robusta coffee, and condensed milk. The egg yolk is whisked with sugar and coffee, and the final drink is served inside a bowl of hot water. As you pass through the streets of Hanoi, you will be mesmerized by the specific scent of the coffee.

Some more thrilling experiences on the list are:

  • Halong Bay on the bird view;
  • Hue Royal Show by night;
  • Quad biking in Mui Ne;
  • A buffalo ride;
  • The hell cave.
By adding these places to your itinerary, you are going to have the best tours in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where you will find the perfect blend of traditional, cultural, and modern lifestyle. We are sure, if planned well, the places will give an authentic luxury travel experience.