• Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the pressure is on.
  • Are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner? Well, what are you waiting for?
The idea of throwing a dinner party excites a rare few. Parties are fun to attend, but when it comes to hosting, it can crack even the best among us. The stress can take a toll on you and make you feel miserable. The trick to nailing party preps, however, is to plan ahead of time.

We have devised a comprehensive Thanksgiving party planning guide for you so you can entertain your guests and enjoy the holiday as well. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your Thanksgiving party.

Plan your guest list

Every good party starts with a guest list, and the perfect time to start planning one is now. Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates friends and family.

Your Thanksgiving dinner can be a grand and luxurious affair or a simple one involving a bunch of family and friends. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this time around, invite a bigger bunch perhaps. We all go through different life struggles – some more than others. Think about your acquaintances who you have not seen for a while and call them over. An invite to your Thanksgiving dinner might just be the pick me up they needed. The more, the merrier.

Go grocery shopping

Planning a meal is no easy task. You should start planning the menu for your Thanksgiving feast far in advance. Additionally, since the dinner would be a rather fancy one, there will be a lot of grocery shopping involved. Avoid the burden of last-minute grocery runs and start looking for sales. It is the holiday season – you know there are going to be some high sales that will surely save your bucks

Once you have your menu decided, make your first trip to the grocery store by looking for those special items that will be hard to find in the days approaching Thanksgiving. Instead of making one big trip to the store, divide the task into two or three visits. Not only will it get simpler for you to handle, but this way, you can get your hands on fresh produce at the best deal.

Prep ahead

Since there is going to be a lot of food involved, now would be a good time to clean out your freezer. This will make room for the dishes you can prepare ahead and stash away in the freezer.

Prepping ahead is always a good idea as it reduces the burden of having to take care of everything on the last day. You can start with the basics like stock, pie crusts, dinner rolls, etc. On the day of the party, all you will have to do is take the item out of the freezer and heat it. Make the process easier for yourself by prepping ahead.

Plan your table and seating arrangement

A classy meal is all about good-looking food and an even better-looking table. The way you set your table reflects your taste ad style preferences. Look for inspiration on Pinterest for exciting table setting ideas along with seating arrangements. Not only will this make sure that your dinner table looks incredible, but it will be that much more organized.

Test your recipes

If you wish to vow your guests this time around with a new recipe, we suggest you start experimenting recipes today. Test them and see if they work. Last-minute experimenting seldom works, so spare yourself the embarrassment and get testing.

Make a cooking schedule

The key to avoiding stress is organization. Preparing a Thanksgiving feast is a big task that can only be executed to perfection if you prepare a cooking schedule for the days leading to the big day. Finalize your recipes – it is best not to experiment when you are entertaining a large lot. Start by noting down the time needed to prepare each dish, including time for pre-heating the oven. This is also an excellent time to check your oven appliance parts and see if they are functioning well. In case they need repairs, you can get them fixed as soon as possible.

Set your schedule in accordance with the time at which you wish to serve dinner. Once your schedule is ready, start cooking. Take everything step by step, and you will find yourself at ease.

Set a timetable

Make a schedule of the events leading up to Thanksgiving. Cooking is not all that you need to take care of. Planning is crucial to make sure everything runs smoothly. Jot down anything that needs to be taken care of, such as last-minute errands washing and drying your linens, setting up the table, and creating a centerpiece.

Now that we have sorted the specifics of the work you need to do beforehand, let's get to the fun part of Thanksgiving, and that is food. Well, not entirely fun because food prep can be stressful and exhausting. However, if you plan everything to the dot and stay organized, you can kick stress out of the window.

- Prepare all your kitchen tools

Make sure you are equipped with the necessary cookware and kitchen tools you need. If you are going to roast a turkey, get your hands on a meat thermometer. It is going to make your life so much easier. Make a checklist of items, including everything down to the basics.

- Turkey Prep

Needless to say that a frozen turkey takes a considerable chunk of time to thaw – do not underestimate the labor that goes into preparing the perfect turkey. If you do not own a roasting pan and do not need one, a great way to avoid the additional cost for something that will not come into good use is to look for an alternative. In this case, know how to cook a turkey without a roasting pan. Look up recipes – there is more than one way to cook a turkey.

- Make and Freeze

This preparatory step will save you so much time on the big day. Prepare certain items from beforehand and freeze them, so all you need to do later is to reheat it. From the gravy and cranberry sauce to the dinner rolls, pie crust, and even mashed potatoes – you can prepare them all beforehand. You are welcome.

Parting Thoughts

Thanksgiving is all about the ones you love. There is a lot that goes into a successful party. While the food is a big part of the affair, it should not be everything. Do not let yourself get consumed by the specifics. Enjoy the process. The most crucial part is that you have a good time. Happy Thanksgiving!