Chainsaw maintenance is important to enable it to work efficiently and safely. If it is well maintained, it can last for a very long period whether it is an expensive or cheap chainsaw (under $200). It's good to service the chain saw especially if it starts to get dull. So, if your chainsaw won’t start? Learn how to fix and the steps to help you maintain your chainsaw the right way.

Steps you need to consider for a daily maintenance

  • Check the throttle trigger to make sure it is operating well before use. When you find that the trigger is sticking its recommendable that you service the saw.
  • Consider safety measures. This entails ensuring that the chain brake is clean, also check the chain catcher if it is damaged so that you replace it immediately to avoid further damages.
  • Clean the filters. Soak in ammonia water for about 30 minutes. Clean using a soft brush to remove debris, dirt, and dust. Rinse off with clean water. Note that if the filter is badly damaged, replace with a new one.
  • Rotate and clean the bars. This will prevent excess wear. Lubricate the holes to prevent friction, damage to bars and the chain.
  • Ensure the chain parts are tightened and sharpen the saw. Check the drive sprocket if it is warm out, if so then replace it.  Sharpen the chain for efficient working and make sure to follow the instructions on the manual. Tighten the screws, nuts, and bolts for the engine to vibrate well when working.

For weekly maintenance, consider the following steps

  • Make sure to check the anti-vibration elements are not getting torn or too soft. The clutch drum bearing should be lubricated too; doing this will enhance the performance and prolong the life of the clutch.
  • Bars should be inspected. Use your finger to feel the burrs at edges of the saw, if they are present file them and ensure they're no more.
  • Remove the spark plug and clean it. It should be 0.5mm. If it is worn out, replace with a new one. Flywheel fins should be cleaned too, and the recoil spring is well functioning.
  • Clean cooling fins located on cylinder for proper distribution of heat and cooling. The carburetor and air box should also be cleaned for proper functioning.

For monthly maintenance consider the steps below

  • Inspect the brake band of the chain. Ensure there are no spots or cracks on the band. If the bands break, then they should be replaced.
  • Ensure proper connection of chains wiring, plugs and cables. Fuel filters should be cleaned and replaced if need be.
  • The clutch, spring and clutch drum should be regularly cleaned. Parts that have worn be replaced with new ones.
  • The tank of the chain should be cleaned inside. Gasoline oil can form residue the oil tank, and this can damage the saw. So removing the oil from the tank and cleaning it is of great importance.

Other Measures to Consider

Sharpen the blades of the saw to avoid them being dull. You can achieve this by clamping the saw to vice with a hard guard, using a sharpening file push horizontally across the blades of the saw. Repeat in similar motion, sharpen one direction then turn to the other.

Confirm the idle speed if need be then make the adjustments. If you notice the chain saw idling, the chain shouldn't move. If it's moving turn down idle speed for the chain to remain stationary.
To sum up, a chainsaw being a valuable investment, you need to consider the above-discussed procedures to ensure the safety and efficient performance of your chainsaw. This will enable it to last long and give good services as well.