There is a solution to your broken or lost keys problem of the car. It may not be an easy solution, but if you wish to fix your broken car key, there are ways to fix almost every type of broken car key. Knowing what caused the key the damage is a piece of useful knowledge in fixing it.

How do the keys break?

Whether you can fix your broken or lost keys of cars or not partially depends on your knowledge about how the key broke. With corrosion and wear and tear from regular usage, even the strongest of the keys break under constant and regular pressure. Brass is no longer used in the manufacturing of keys any longer, instead, nickel silver is used, which is much stronger than brass. As the key turns old combined with the regular rotations, a key has to go through in the lock, wears down the key, and eventually breaking it. The rotation of the key inside a lock weakens it due to the placement of torque on the metal and passing it slide another metal. This is the natural lifecycle of a lock and key. And, even if your keys are made from the best quality metal, it will not last forever.

Fixing the broken key 

If the car key has snapped into a half, firstly, you need to carefully take out the other broken half from the lock. Once you have successfully extracted the broken key from the keyhole, the most common instinct is to fix the broken key by binding the parts together. But, this is not the right way to fix a broken key. In fact, there is no effective way to fix a broken key, which is halved and can function perfectly without the risk of it snapping again at the same place after a few uses.

The most effective way is to go to a locksmith, and with both the halves, the locksmith can create a new key without any fuss. A full car key replacement is the best way to repair your car key, under these circumstances. Even if this is not the fix you are looking for, keeping safety in mind, this is the best possible way. Gluing back the key is highly unstable as it may break after a few uses, plus there is a risk if the key break while it is in the ignition. And the most dangerous of the situations may arise if the key breaks while you are driving. So to avoid such dangerous events which might take place due to a glued back broken car key, it is best to have a full car key replacement.

Fixing the broken bow cover of the key 

The metal length of the key, when inserted in the keyhole, the part which stays out to turn the key is the bow of the key. Most of the time, in case of car keys, the bow of the key is covered in high-grade plastic, to give it a covering of some sort. The covering is basically for the transponder chips that require the bow to be covered. The bow cover on a car key breaks constantly, and it can be infuriating during work hours. The hard plastic covers on the bows are likely to crack, and the use of soft rubberized plastic as bow covers, tear over time.

Sitting on the car keys put pressure and the hard plastic cracks. It is best to avoid putting any kind of additional pressure on your car keys.

To fix the broken bow cover of the car key is to switch out the transponder chips from the broken cover and place it in a new blank keyspace. If you have an old key which is no longer in use, you can use the shell covering. The hard shell coverings for the bow can be opened and closed, which is not the case with the soft rubberized plastic coverings. With a soft rubberized plastic covering, you can easily open it and take out the transponder chips along with the other internals. Take the replacement covering and place the internals as it were. While swapping out and then back, be careful enough not to damage the transponder chips. Damaging the transponder chips will need a new replacement, and there is no way around it.

Whether you suddenly break or damage your key or the early signs of damage were showing, either way, fixing the car key as soon as possible is the best idea. There is no point in risking the safety of yourself and others by leaving things to fate. Also keep in mind that a fix means that it will work for a long time in the near future. For complicated issues, it is always advisable to call for an auto locksmith, for the best remedies.