Dovpo x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA from vapeciga is a luxury DIY powered atomizer for the direct lung coating produced by the well-known manufacturer Dovpo. The atomizer was designed in collaboration with The Vaping Bogan. The atomizer will provide an absolutely stylish process with many benefits, including a unique airflow system and the possibility of increasing the total volume of the tank. When using the standard tank tube, the basic volume is 2 ml. However, you will also find two other bulging design bodies that will increase the volume of the atomizer to 6 ml.
The first of these large objects is made of borosilicate glass and the second is made of ultra-high glass. Using a basic heat-resistant glass body, the diameter you measure at the atomizer is 26 mm, and the use of protruding glass also increases the total diameter to 32.5 mm. The atomizer has a length of 54.5 mm. Thanks to the 510 thread on the bottom of the atomizer, it perfectly matches the most of the mods on the market today.

Dovpo x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA

DOVPO BLOTTO RTA 6ml also offers a unique e-juice filling system. If the e-juice in the tank is used up, it’s simple to turn the top cover and start filling. This system facilitates overall filling while reducing the time normally filled with nuts. The entire filling process takes only a few seconds. Then, inside the atomizer is a precisely designed base where you can install one or two selected spirals. All vapers will be satisfied with the atomizer .

Dovpo x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA maximizes the taste of all E-Liquid. This is demonstrated by the special 242° airflow system, which uses multiple small holes in the bottom control ring to deliver the required amount of air to the tank. Due to these small holes, the air enters the atomizer more slowly and delivers the resulting taste very well. In addition, you can replace the drip tip at any time and replace it with your own drip tip of the same type of installation. The special Bottle Opener in the basic package is considered a pleasant reward. Not only can you open the vial with this bottle opener, but you can also align and trim the spiral before mounting the screw to the base.

Modern processing

Modern processing

The design of the Dovpo x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA is based on the famous vaping popularizer The Vaping Bogan. He co-developed an atomizer with the famous company Dovpo. This creates a completely unique design that looks great in any mode. Then install a 810 drip tip on the top, you can always replace it with your own drip tip with the same type. Since there is a thread 510 at the bottom, the atomizer can match most of the mods on the market.

Can increase the volume

The Dovpo x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA has a tank volume of 2 ml. However, thanks to the two spare glasses, you can increase this capacity. Both glasses have a raised structure that increases the total tank volume to a maximum of 6 ml. With this capability, you can enjoy long-term vaping without the additional water injection. You will love it, especially when traveling and hiking.

High quality airflow

The Dovpo Blotto RTA has an innovative airflow system for truly detailed airflow control. The lower part of the atomizer consists of an adjustment ring, on which there are micro air flow holes through which air flows to the coil. So the taste of the e-liquid is extremely palatable. Don't hesitate if you are looking for a suitable atomizer and maximizing the taste.

Single/double coil base

Single/double coil base
Inside the atomizer is a modern base that can be fitted with one or two spirals of your choice. Whether you prefer a single helix or a double helix, it is very easy to install the spiral for beginners to DIY.

Easy to fill

The Dovpo Blotto RTA has a top-filled system that makes it easier to fill the tank than ever before. If necessary, it’s simple to turn the top cover and begin filling one of the two side openings. That makes it possible to complete the water tank in seconds and enjoy the delicious and relaxing vaping for a long time.