Whatever kind of skill that you, as a rider wants to do on your longboard, bear it in mind that some companies are somewhere in charge of manufacturing the wheels for it. Locating the best wheels is one of the challenges for new longboard riders. 

If you tend to purchase a wheel because of its beautiful look - so sorry that you might end up getting disappointed.

May individuals out there don’t know how to know the different longboard wheels that are available. We have drafted this article to guide newbies on how to purchase the best longboard wheels for their usage. There are many wheels for longboard, depending on what you want to use it for. 

They have different properties and how they perform. Anyhow wheels might not be the best for you if it does not meet up to the skill you need it for. Some wheels are specially built to make just that exact move you want. So you need to confirm before going ahead to make a purchase.

If you are among those that just bought a longboard, that means you should be enjoying a sweet cruise along your street and downtown with your click. One thing you should note is that longboarding is not all about fun. 

You also need to ensure that it is professionally taken care of, and each ride should meet up to what you ideally want - that is just about the performance. If you need to replace your old longboard wheels, then follow these tips.

Brief information about longboard wheels

A longboard wheel is made to be used for transport and cruising. They vary in size but are between 65 to 100mm. Longboards have bigger wheels than all other kinds of skateboards. They are more comfortable and stable for riders. Polyurethane is combined with the size to make the wheel solid, thick, and heavy with tough plastic cores.

More about hardness and softness of longboard wheels

Longboard wheels, together with every other kind of skateboard wheels, are manufactured with different degrees of hardness. They are measured by using a durometer A scale. Soft longboard wheels are rated at 75a, while the hard ones are rated at 99a. If a longboard wheel is more than the durometer A scale, it is recommended to use an advanced measurement like the B or D scales to get the correct width and hardness.

The smart way of choosing a longboard wheels

Wheel size is not about selecting what fits your longboard. You also need to check out your body size. The bigger you are, the bigger your wheels should be. Though people with a bigger body are more suitable for longboards because it has large wheels between 65 to 100mm, this means that you might not be looking out for much if you already have a big stature. 

Then all you need do it make sure you select the one that fits the exact performance you need it for. Longboard cruising is real fun if you have the best wheels attached to it.