Flowers make a beautiful gift for weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby shower, house arming, Thanksgiving, and graduation. Also, flowers can convey our feelings and emotions to our loved ones. Each flower and its colour represent different meanings and emotions. We have different flowers assigned for different occasions. Thus, we are here with a list of beautiful flowers that are appropriate for special occasions.

1. Wedding

A wedding is the most pious and important event in anyone’s life. Flowers as decoration for a Wedding venue make this day special for the couple because the flowers look heavenly as a Wedding arrangement. 

Flowers are used as gifts and decorations at weddings, and many brides wear floral accessories. A wedding flower gift is a wonderful present for newlyweds or engaged couples.

People usually go for seasonal flowers for the wedding arrangement because those flowers are available at affordable rates and are at their best in their season. You can use red roses, white lilies, tulips, Hydrangea, etc. Brides hold the large flowers bouquet in her hands, and Bridesmaid uses the small bouquet. Grooms also use the flower to match the bride’s flower bouquet as a boutonniere.

2. Anniversary

Here too e recommends seasonal flowers because they bloom so well and can lighten up the party venue. Usually, anniversary decor includes mainly red and pink flowers. Other flowers like daisy, daffodil, rose, aster, iris, and lily make nice anniversary flowers. 

You can also use flowers of the couple’s choice as they have memories attached to different flowers. And anniversaries are best celebrated and enjoyed hen it has a surprise element. Roses symbolise love and passion and make it the best anniversary flower. You can surprise your better half with a huge rose bouquet.  If you are in Hong Kong, get flower delivery at your doorstep. 

3. Valentine

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated by youngsters; they confess feelings to the ones they love. They plan the whole day out and surprise and propose to their crushes. A Red Rose is known for expressing admiration and feelings towards someone. Different coloured roses represent different emotions and are widely used to this day. Lovers gifts huge rose bouquets, flower baskets, gold plated roses and many other gifts paired up with these beautiful blooms. These flowers would make the environment a sweet smell of paradise, romantic and beautiful. If you are away from your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you can order flower delivery at their place and surprise them.

4. Graduation

Graduation Parties are one kind of party that are held to appreciate that person’s efforts and wish him lots of success and luck for future accomplishments. A bunch of lilies of different colours can be given to the one graduating. You can also use seasonal flowers or the blooms personally admired by a recipient. This flower bouquet can contain a small note that has some motivating and congratulating words for the graduate that would encourage them to do better. A flower bouquet of a combination of different colours of vibrant flowers like blue, yellow and red would look wonderful.

5. Christmas

It is the happiest time of the year, and we are all in a jolly and festive mood. It is also a holy festival for e offer flowers to our loved ones as an all to god and prays for everyone’s well-being. Flowers are known for spreading positivity and good vibes. Flowers that are generally used at Christmas are Christmas cactus with different coloured red and pink flowers and green leaves.