A horse is an odd-toed, ungulate mammal. It belongs to the Equidae family of Animalia Kingdom. Its scientific name is Equus ferus caballus. These are herbivorous in nature.

The structure of horses allows them to run off from predators. They have a strong sense of balance and are responsive in case of fight or flight. A horse can sleep while standing as well as while lying down.

The horse breeds are mainly divided into three groups based on their nature:
  • HOT Blood: These run at a very high rate and have great stamina and energy. Example: racehorses.
  • COLD Blood: These are the draft or workhorses used for heavy work. Example: ponies.
  • WARM blood: These are a mixture of hot and cold blood. Example: riding horses.

There is more than 300 breed of horses in the world which is used for different purposes and is available in all shapes, colours, and sizes. There are some famous giant horse breeds as well. Some of the most renowned horse breeds are listed below:

§  ARABIAN HORSE: The most admired horse breed is the Arabian horse, the native of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the oldest horse breeds and is a favourite among horse lovers. Its head shape and high, proud tail carriage can be easily identified. It has an excellent survival tendency.

§  QUARTER HORSE: Quarter horse is the most popular among horse breeds. It is found in America. This American horse is known as the fastest running horse over short distances. It is used for riding, racing, barrel racing, and roping.

§  THOROUGHBRED:  This horse breed was developed in England in the 17th and 18th centuries and is famous as a good racing horse. Thoroughbred is known for its strength and courage and its affection and sensitivity. These are excellent sports horses and are also used for hunting.

§  TENNESSEE WALKER: It was developed in the 18th century in the Southern United States for use on plantation farms. It is a gaited horse breed, meaning it has a smooth walk and is comfortable over long distances. These are used in many horse show events.

§  MORGAN:  It is one of the oldest horse breeds developed in the United States. It is small in physique but compassionate in nature. It is used as a riding horse nowadays.

§  PAINT:  It is an American true breed horse because of its distinctive characteristics and is used as a pleasure mount.

§  APPALOOSA: Appaloosas are big in stature and hard-footed. It was developed in the Northwest Province by the Nez Perce Native American tribe. They are mainly known for their colourful spotted coat pattern.

§  MINIATURE HORSE: These tiny horse breeds developed in Europe in the 1600s. They were kept as pets, but these were used as service horses.


Thus, these are some of the most popular and excellent horse breeds worldwide.