Angelina Jolie tattooing

People love tattoos, and it has been around since 10,200 BC. Today, tattooing is practiced globally. It has grown in popularity as the days have gone by. People have been raving about finger statement tattoos or getting matching tattoos of their beloved. Nowadays, there is a frenzy about getting matching tattoos.

Recently, we have seen celebrities getting matching tattoos, like Angelina Jolie tattooing three more parts of her body or James Franco tattooing Emma Watson’s face somewhere on the body. We have even seen Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing his arm too.

People love tattoos. There are even breakup tattoos available! Can you believe it? There are lots of reality shows today that showcase the lives of tattoo artists. Some of them have their Instagram pages covering hundreds of tattooing followers.

As a salon owner, you do not have to advertise a lot. If you are good at customer service, the customer flow will remain constant and grow with time. For this very reason, we have not focussed on the marketing aspect of your business.

Every entertainment journey globally has already covered this business's marketing and trend. Instead, in the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have focused on the different types of tattooing types of equipment, tools, and supplies.

Before we proceed further, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Verify your state laws, as the legal status of tattooing differs from one state to another. As a professional tattoo business, you must have proper certification and learn from reputable companies like SMP Hair Clinic UK. And since the requirements vary, it is critical to scrutinize your certification, especially if you relocate. Specific state laws require you to undergo CPR, first aid, and professional training on all bloodborne pathogens. You will also be dealing with the health department. So, always keep up the decorum because a health inspector will scrutinize your business regularly.

Recruit a team of talented artists. If you plan to work independently, enroll in tattoo artist programs. This can be from 12 to 24 months and can be costly. However, the result will be worth your time and money. It will assist you in getting familiar with the requisite tools to successfully run the business. It will also make you adequately educated and trained to run the business independently.

Tattooing is an art, so you need to keep up with all the latest happenings in the world of tattooing. Having a “tattoo of the day” can reap big dividends for your business.

Your tattoo salon should also offer piercing services. Enrol for a course on body piercing and see your profits increase. Permanent makeup tattooing is also one of the biggest trends nowadays. It is handy to learn this art as you can offer it to any person. It is one of the right ways to expand your business. Learn eyebrow microblading and become an expert in it. You can even take a course on scalp micro pigmentation. It is even possible for you to learn lash enhancement tattooing.

Now that you have looked at some of these pointers, as promised, let’s look at the types of tattoo furniture needed to start your tattooing business.

To start a tattooing business, you would need a tattoo machine and a tattoo chair - research the types of equipment that you will need.

Tattoo Machine (Gun)

There are lots of options available on the internet. Hence, you need to dig in deep before selecting the right one. There are lots of options available on the internet. Hence, you need to dig in deep before selecting the right one. Like visiting FYT Supplies, it becomes challenging to know every engineering innovation, but always remember that a good machine gives excellent output while a bad machine gives horrific results. Scrutinize the brands and models carefully.

Determine whether you would like to get a coil and rotary machine. These are the two most prevalent options available. Learn the pros and cons and make the right call.

The rotary machine functions quietly and is much more gentle than the coil. The great thing is that it does not pose a significant danger to the skin. It can be easily used by a new tattoo artist. It comes with sufficient filling and consistent needle movement. However, one drawback of this machine is that you cannot get proper shading. This makes the lines very challenging to make. Due to the needle's swiftness, it is straightforward to get a “stitched” line that most tattoo artists dread and despise.

On the other hand, a coil machine provides better tattoo shading. It even offers smoother lines. You can get great results with it, thanks to its large needles. You get better control, and they can easily be modified. However, they are not quiet, and you need to be a pro to work with them.


In the tattooing business, convenience is a significant thing. A comfortable chair can go a long way in creating the right first impression in the minds of your customers. A good chair is also a must for the tattooing artist since it gives them the ease to perform the task with precision.

Modern chairs with memory foam are available, especially for modern generations. They come in sumptuous silky leather and pleasant-to-touch features. You can easily clean it without much hassle. It has disinfectant properties. The seats are all orthopedic.

Essential Supply & Instrument List

  • Autoclave Tattoo Sterilizer
  • Autoclave trays and cassettes for the instruments
  • A disinfecting liquid for surface sterilization
  • Sterile ointment
  • Cover sheets (plastic) for the chair and headrest
  • Cover for the machine
  • A particular container for waste disposal
  • Trays to hold and store needles
  • Tubes and tips cleaning set
  • Latex gloves
  • Vaseline

An effective disinfectant is The most crucial thing you will ever need where there is the slightest chance of blood contamination. Opt for the one that comes with proper disinfection. Remember, the best disinfectant solutions are costly; however, there are better times for you to save money. Always keep the safety of your customers in mind and then the money. Cover your surface with plastic while performing the tattooing process. Then remove and dispose of the plastic and disinfectant from your surface.

It is equally important to purchase the requisite soaps, effective cleaning solutions, and alcohol for proper clean-up. Have necessary bandages and hospital tape to cover the fresh tattoo. Even have certain numbing creams with you if dealing with susceptible skin.

You might need the following:

  • Disposable razors
  • Tongue depressors
  • Very sharp medical scissors
  • Needles and all accompanying supplies
  • Tweezers

Always ensure that you have three essential tattoo salon furniture:

  1. Organization trolley
  2. Magnifying lamp with lights
  3. Hydraulic chair for the artist
You will need These types of equipment to get started with the tattooing business.