Ring Shopping

Every girl and woman knows how much her engagement ring means to her. It is so much more than a piece of jewelry – it is a symbol of love. This most special ornament serves to remind you every day of the thrill and joy you felt when you said “yes”. In addition, the same as your love for your significant other is eternal, so it the ring you wear. Here are a few tips to follow in order to find for yourself (or your partner) a mesmerizing ring that is in accordance with your personality and the current trends.

Colored stones (and not only diamonds)

Colored stones

Although the beauty of a classic white diamond is undeniable, the trend of color among future brides is increasing. Natural color sapphires, rubies, and yellow diamonds can truly make a uniquely dazzling gem that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You can even opt for mixing different stones, such as white diamonds and blue sapphire, and get something similar to the lovely engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge, who has a proven good taste in jewelry

Yellow gold and rose gold

gold and rose gold

It seems that in the last couple of years, white gold has taken a lead when it comes to the color of engagement ring bands. Maybe because they keep constantly seeing white gold and platinum, brides-to-be are turning more and more to rose and yellow gold. It can even be said that luxurious gold bands are a new favorite, as you can find many versions of them when looking for stunning wedding rings online.

Size is not that relevant

not that relevant

You may get fascinated by the lavish engagement rings you see many celebrities wearing. The astonishing diamond ring Richard Burton gifted his future wife who was a real jewelry lover, the Hollywood beauty Elizabeth Taylor, is one of the best examples of iconic rings. However, beauty comes in all sizes, and a delicate engagement ring may be as powerful as one slightly larger in size. It should be noted that the size of the ring in no case defines the amount of love between you and your partner.

Ring’s setting

Ring’s setting

The number of possible engagement ring settings is vast. You may want your stone of choice to be in the center, cushion or pear cut, and to add something unusual, you can go for a double band on your ring. However, you shouldn’t get overstressed when it comes to settings as rings can be altered.

The four C’s

The four C’s

Make sure not to forget about the four C’s of diamonds, which refer to Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Experts recommend that you get familiar with these four factors prior to going ring shopping, so you could exactly know what you want your diamond to be and so you could easily find the perfect one for you. 

Custom design

Custom design

Although numerous varieties of rings are offered in custom jewelry store, you still may decide to have your most special ring designed exclusively for you. Consulting with a professional can actually help you if you can’t make up your mind between vintage and trendy, or between diamonds and another stone. This way, you may have your ring as a mix of something old, something new, of some diamonds and some blue precious stones stacked in a charming three-stone ring. Various celebrities have had their engagement rings made especially for them.

Take your (or your partner’s) style into consideration

style into consideration

No matter how gorgeous or on trend a certain engagement ring style is, it will not be perfect for you or your partner if it isn’t in accordance with both the style and the lifestyle of its future owner. If a person prefers dainty jewelry and is an active person, she will most likely prefer a tiny stone, but with a subtle spin on the details, like gallery detailing. On the other hand, if the future bride loves glamour and her jewelry to be breathtaking, a stacked ring with more than one stone may be the ideal choice. An interesting example of a one-of-a-kind bombastic ring is definitely the one the actress Emily Ratajkowski wears.

In the end, engagement ring shopping should be an enjoyable and lovely experience. Whether you decide to go ring shopping with your partner or your friends, listen to your heart (and keep within the budget) and you will find the most beautiful ring that is made just for you. You have already found your perfect soulmate.