Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has always been popular with backpackers and tourists of all kinds. After all, it is hard to resist the temples of Angkor Wat or the lure of Malaysia and Singapore. There are world-class restaurants and beautiful hotels where one can enjoy a luxurious holiday, even on a budget. In short, Southeast Asia has something for everyone, as there are pleasant surprises for travelers.

Southeast Asia has always been known to be safe and easy to travel around. What every traveler looks for is an easy, convenient, and affordable public transportation in this region. Convenient and affordable public transportation is what makes Southeast Asia accessible. Although the big cities are well connected with trains and buses, it is the remote areas that are still devoid of a good transportation network. This is why most travelers turn to when looking for a reliable transportation option in Southeast Asia.

Type of modes of transport

The most common modes of transport include trains, buses, boats and ferries that are popularly used to travel from one location to another. Airlines, too are one of the most convenient ways to travel across Southeast Asia, and one can always get affordable flight bookings with the domestic carrier. Sometimes it’s necessary to book a round trip to access certain destinations or be flexible with your booking dates.

Of course, no one would like to take long bus rides without proper ventilation on those dirt roads full of potholes. So, be careful when booking your bus tours and look for a reliable service provider such as bookaway. The transportation booking platform lists only the most reliable bus tour operators with well-connected trips. Thus, now you can enjoy a comfortable bus trip even int the most remote areas. Most vacationers to Southeast Asia prefer to travel by bus, and one can plan their trip in advance. The overnight buses generally cost more depending on the route and kind of bus. The night buses carry bunks instead of seats, and it is possible to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Train services traveling

Train services are limited in Southeast Asia and more expensive than buses. However, the comfort and services vary a lot by region within a country. There are some trains with comfortable seating and ACs. However, the trains on the less touristed routes are less comfortable and, in some areas, there might not be any train services at all. Still, Thailand boasts of the best train network between major cities and with direct routes. While train travel can be faster than buses, it is undoubtedly more expensive. Check out the popular train network and routes before booking. Some of the most popular train routes include Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, Thailand to Singapore, Hanoi to Beijing, and more. There are different train options with a variety of classes and pricing.

Ferry services are another great option to travel across Southeast Asia. Almost every Southeast Asian country has some kind of water transport such as longtail boats, speedboats, and ferries. Ferries are a popular way to travel from one island to another. You can even stay the night in a floating house and enjoy a unique experience. Wherever there is water in the SEA, boats are the standard mode of transportation.

Think you need to know before traveling

Before traveling by bus, train, or boat, make sure to check visa requirements and use only reliable booking platforms like bookaway to make the booking. While bus travel is like an adventure, and perfect for a culturally broadening experience, you can expect delays. Whatever kind of transport mode you pick, make good use of the local transport in Southeast Asia as this is your chance to run shoulders with locals and visit unheard-of towns.