Dodge Ram 1500 Catalytic Converter Failure
The Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the most powerful trucks out there, but if you're having some trouble with your engine, it can be frustrating. One part of your vehicle may actually be the culprit, your catalytic converter. Find out how to determine if your catalytic converter is failing and what to do if that happens.

How Catalytic Converters Work

The catalytic converter in your Dodge Ram 1500 is a part of your exhaust system that converts the toxic compounds coming from your car into harmless gasses. It uses a catalyst to help keep your emissions from being harmful to the environment. As your engine burns fuel, it emits carbon monoxide. Unburned gasoline gets turned into hydrocarbons. The heat from your engine also forms nitrogen oxides. These three compounds are converted by this part to make your exhaust less toxic. If your engine is giving you trouble, and you don't see any solutions in the repair guide, check out some of the signs it could be a faulty catalytic converter.

Emissions Test Failure

One sign that you have a catalytic converter problem is if your vehicle fails its routine emissions test. At your emissions test facility, your car may produce too much of the harmful compounds from its exhaust system if your catalytic converter isn't doing its job. If your car fails, check the engine code error to see if you need to get a replacement part. Find out what the best Dodge Ram 1500 catalytic converters are so you can pass the next time you go to the emissions facility.

Check Engine Light

Another sign you have a problem with the catalytic converter is if your check engine light indicator is on. When your check engine light goes on, it could be a variety of potential problems. It's best to get someone to check your vehicle's error code from its computer to determine if you need a new catalytic converter or something else.

Engine Performance Issues

Sometimes, your engine performance may suffer if your catalytic converter isn't operating correctly. It's common for this part to get clogged at times, and if this happens, your fuel economy may be impacted. Your engine may also be not as effective at pushing your car to its peak performance. Instead of a replacement, you may need to simply have your catalytic converter inspected and cleaned out.

Strange Engine Smell

The catalytic converter may also be at fault if you start to notice a Sulphur smell coming from your car. Sometimes, the problem may be related to your brakes if you notice a weird smell. You can look for a replacement by checking out the best prices on brake pads. If you still notice a problem, check other systems.

Noises from the Engine

Your engine may also make unusual noises if there is an issue with its catalytic converter. The most common noise associated with a failure is a rattling noise. If your converter breaks apart, you may notice a rattling when you start your truck.

Keep Your Dodge Ram Driving at Its Peak

Your car can continue to do your heavy-duty hauling and more if you pay careful attention to some of these signs of catalytic converter failure. Take your Dodge to a skilled technician to repair or replace this essential part.