Crafting Equipment

Crating is a popular hobby, but what materials and tools do you need if you are just starting out? Well, that can be difficult to answer. Crafting is a very varied hobby, after all. But I can help. Below, I’ve listed all the materials you could need, from cutting mats in the UK to Rhino to storage cases, tools, and more.

Crafting/Cutting Mats Equipment

Whether you call them crafting or cutting mats, it doesn’t matter, but you should ensure you get some of these mats if you want to start crafting. Cutting mat equipment is versatile and will help protect the services you’re working on from harm. All kinds of crafting can benefit from proper cutting mat equipment, so ensure you get some.

Crafting Knife

A Crafting Knife

A crafting knife might seem like something other than an essential piece of equipment, but these knives can be used in many different crafting mediums. From delicate wirework, jewelry work, or just fine detail cutting, crafting knives can be used to do a lot of other tasks. So, get yourself a professional crafting knife. The versions with removal blades can be more adaptable as well.


Paints are pretty much a given when it comes to crafting, but there are so many different types to consider, isn’t there? However, if you want to get into crafting, you should know what kind of crafting paint you’ll need.

You could have acrylic, water, or poster paints if you are mainly working on paper or similar materials. If you are working on fabric, there are plenty of different fabric paints, and of course, spray paints are always a good idea for other materials.

A Glue Gun

Crafting materials can take many forms, but while many people will focus on things like paints, paper, and even tools, you’d be surprised how many people forget to get a glue gun. A glue gun is vital for many kinds of crafting, and while in some cases, standard PVA or even a glue stick will do the job, you will need a glue gun for more delicate tasks.

Digital Software

Crafting doesn’t have to be done using traditional materials; in fact, many crafters these days work solely on digital platforms. However, you will need digital software if you just want to focus on the digital platform. Photoshop is arguably the most popular; however, people can use many alternative programs. So, if you focus on digital crafting, ensure you have appropriate software.

Colored Tape

Tape seems outdated when it comes to crafting these days. But colored tape is an excellent crafting tool that can be used for all kinds of different creations. Painters tape, in particular, is a great way to make various designs and patterns. There is also colored masking tape and many other variants to try. Some have different textures and styles and are very diverse crafting tools.

Crafting Case/Storage Case

Anyone looking to get into crafting should ensure adequate storage for all their materials/ tools. One of the biggest challenges crafters face is that they can quickly lose and damage their materials due to improper storage. So, make sure you have plenty of proper storage space. You should keep things separate whenever possible to reduce the risk of mess.

So, that is my list of the most critical crafting tools and equipment for beginners. Crafting is a versatile hobby that can be approached in many different ways, so ensure you have all the equipment you need to have fun and keep things safe.