Coffee making tips

We all love coffee! Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee as soon as you get up in the morning. Well, after all, what could be better than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee? How well your coffee tastes automatically sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Oh, did you ever wonder what makes a coffee great? In this blog post, we shall explore the tips and tricks that will help you in enhancing your morning coffee. Before we begin, if there is anything that you need to realize on the first and foremost basis is the fact, does anybody need a barista to pull an extraordinary cup of coffee. While you may feel like going to a barista just so to enjoy a perfect cup, we assure you that you may as well make one. All it takes is dedication and a genuine and never dying love for coffee.

So, this one is for those who take their coffee way too seriously. And, this one is for those for whom coffee-making is no less than art. Let's get started on this journey of mastering the art of brewing coffee.

Coffee maker

How great your coffee ends up has a lot to do with your coffee maker. Your at-home-coffee-making gear should be up to the mark to achieve the desired results from your cup of coffee.

The coffee maker's model and style should be as per your preference regarding how you would like your coffee to turn out. Speaking of this, if it is a single, strong cup of coffee you desire or a pot full of flavorful, aromatic coffee, check out CoffeeBitz for some unique coffee makers and pick the one you deem fit. Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, it has everything to cater to your coffee needs and just a mere click away!

If you ask us, we would recommend that you try a non-electric coffee brewer. It saves up on energy costs and comes handy when you are traveling. On top of it, you can still manage to brew a great cup of coffee!

Shop your beans right

All the efforts you put into making the coffee can only turn out as high as the beans you add. It is all about the game of beans here!

If you have been making coffee using bags of pre-ground beans, then my friend, you need to consider this seriously. We hate to break it to you, but what you are drinking is an inauthentic cup of coffee, and the beans should go to the trash right away!

Coffee can only be a coffee in its most real sense when made using fresh, whole beans. That's what brings the beauty out!

In case you don't know, but what you find in stores is a gimmick in the name of coffee. It is because a coffee reaches the height of its flavor just a few days after it is roasted. There is a reason the coffee companies don't put the time of its roasting; there won't be even a single sale if they do that, because it shouldn’t allow a month to max since the time of its roasting. So, now that you know to be sure to shop fresh beans from local coffee shops. You will find some who roast it on the spot or get it from local coffee roasters out there. Whoever it be, put a permanent stop to the preground ones, already! Now let's move on to how you should store them.

Store them right

If you want to preserve its flavor and quality, the beans should be kept in an airtight container. Some suitable choices could be a glass canning jar in addition to ceramic storage crocks with seals made of rubber gasket.

The roasted beans should never be refrigerated, considering that they are highly porous and prone to soaking up food odors and moisture. The flavor experts strictly advise against freezing coffee, especially when it comes to dark roasts.

It is only wise to purchase a batch that would last up to five to seven days at a time and keep it at room temperature. Buying a fresh stock in bulk will only lead to a lot of waste as it is humanly impossible to be able to make use of so many beans at a time.

Grind it the right way

For maximizing the flavor, it is recommended to grind it almost immediately before moving on to the brewing part.

The coffee starts losing its flavor within thirty minutes of being ground. It is why you should grind it right away just before you begin brewing a pot.

Since we are at the topic, it is pertinent to mention that grind size and consistency matters quite a lot. The pot of coffee will turn out extremely weak if you grind it too coarse. Similarly, grind it way too much, and it will taste bitter as it will over-extract the coffee. Therefore, it is essential to strike the correct balance to be able to enjoy a nice, authentic cup of coffee.

The measurement

Before you begin making the coffee, ask yourself the million-dollar question of whether or not you measure it correctly.

Well, the right way to do so is by measuring it by weight and not volume. The secret to a good cup of coffee is eliminating variables, and you do that by using the same quantity of coffee against each unit of water every time you brew.

To secure an accurate measurement, it is in your best interest to use a digital scale. It takes just mere seconds to get a precise measurement, and as a result, you will be able to judge better and compare how much water and coffee are required each time.

Ideally, the ratio 1:20, which is one part of coffee to 20 parts of water, is the best combination for the coffee to turn out all rich and robust. Also, read Best Coffee Makers Under $50