CBD Edibles

It’s no hidden fact that CBD oil in its most basic structure isn’t very palatable. Luckily, thanks to the creativity of numerous CBD companies, we can experience the herb in a variety of different forms, including tablets, topical creams, patches and vaping liquids. As devised by brilliantread, more novelty form of CBD, which takes the supplements game up to a whole new level, is the CBD edible.

What are CBD edibles?

CBD edibles come in a number of creative shapes and sizes, from the standard gummy sweets (often found in novelty shapes), to best CBD gummies jams, chocolates, cookies, tea, popsicles and chewing gum, to name a few. Their popularity amongst users stems from their desirable tastes, turning the chore of taking your daily supplements into an experience to look forward to. You can read more about edibles here: https://senseicbdoil.com/cbd-edibles

How do CBD edibles work?

When we ingest CBD, no matter what form that might take, the oil travels through our digestive system and into our bloodstream. Here, it triggers cannabinoids in the body to interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which controls everything from our mental state to our immune functioning.

It has been found in numerous studies that CBD can cleverly alter certain receptors, like serotonin receptors in the brain, and pain receptors around the body, making them more or less responsive in a way that positively impacts physical and mental health. This can lead to a boost in mood, a reduction in pain, and an overall sense of relaxation.

Where can I buy CBD edibles?

You can find CBD edibles in your local health store, or, for a bigger and better selection, on the internet. Online marketplaces are a good place to look, and you may also find that specific CBD brands with their own websites offer a more specialised product variety.

If you’re after a particularly unique CBD edible, be aware that if you find it online, it might be selling at an inflated price because of its exclusivity. The more experimental CBD users out there may prefer to make their own version of the edible themselves.

How can I make my own CBD edibles?

There’s no denying that the novelty aspect of CBD edibles- and the fact that the not-so-agreeable flavour of CBD oil is disguised with other, more appealing flavours- makes them significantly pricier to purchase from a health retailer. For this reason, many people opt to make their own CBD edibles, infusing home-baked foods with the oil.

CBD can be added to just about any dish you’re making, from sweet to savoury and everything in between. It has an evaporation point of 320°F and 355°F (160-180°C), so bear this in mind if you need to set the oven hotter than this.

If you’re cooking a savoury dish, it’s best to infuse your CBD into an oil or fat-based product you’re planning to cook with, like butter or olive oil. This can then be naturally incorporated into your dishes when you’re frying or baking. You can do the same with sweet dishes, adding the oil to your butter or oil and allowing it to infuse, before mixing with the rest of your ingredients.