baling wires for various applications

Soft but strong are the main characteristics of baling wire, which, despite being meant for wrapping bales in the recycling industry, have many other applications. The versatility of the wire in various other applications like in the agricultural industry and many other industrial industries makes it one of the most critical packing materials. According to BWD baling wire supplier in USA, iron and steel are the staple materials for making baling wire, which is the most important consumable of the baling industry and available in reels or rolls. The wire has various designations like annealed, galvanized, galvanized, and annealed or sometimes goes by the name heavy duty.

Baling wire is critically important to bind and wrap bales to keep it intact by withstanding the stress of multiple handling and transportation as well as the elements of weather. Choosing the right type of baling wire is important by knowing the different types of baling wires suitable for different baling applications.

Single loop wire

Single loop baling wire may either be of galvanized steel or black annealed carbon steel. The standard drawing process manufactures the wire by using the molten metal, and its soft nature makes it suitable for tying by hand, which is convenient for use in vertical balers. Since you can cut the wire into pieces according to requirements, it provides flexibility and helps to reduce wastage.

Double-loop wire

Double-loop wire differs from single loop wire in that it has loops at both ends and comes in pre-cut lengths. It is possible to snap the loops together without bending or twisting and is an advantage as you can tie the wire fast and easily. This type of wire is ideal for high production applications that experience a high amount of expansive force. The ease of use of double-loop wires makes it very popular in the recycling industry.

Black annealed wire

Compared to other types of baling wires, the black annealed baling wire is much softer and more versatile that makes it suitable for different kinds of baling applications. The wire is available in different thicknesses and packed on stackable tubular steel carriers that help to save space during storage. Black annealed wire has a layer of oil on it to avoid rusting, wear and tear and facilitate smooth handling when tying bales.

Boxed wire

Boxed wire is another variety of black annealed wire, but the quality is special. This type of wire is most suitable for use in single ram auto-tie balers and usually packed in boxes of 100 pounds each, but 50-pound boxes are also available. Boxed wire also has a layer of oil lubrication to prevent rusting and lubricate the feed system.

High tensile wire

High tensile bale wires are the strongest among all types of bale wires and suited for heavy-duty applications not only for baling but other industrial applications too. Two ram balers that make use of strapper style tires find high tensile wire most suited. Tubular steel carriers are the standard package for this wire that is available in different thicknesses and strengths.