Office reinstatement is usually required when your lease is about to expire or if you are relocating to a new space. Unlike residential leasing, renting a commercial property comes with a reinstatement clause inserted into the lease. This contractual requirement states that the renter would have reinstate the property back to its original state at the end of their lease period. Therefore, if you are moving to a new office space or your lease is about to expire, then you would need help from a professional reinstatement service to do or undo the renovation. The rule is to restore the look of the office space to make it appear exactly like the way it looked when you rented it. Office reinstatement is a complex process that must only be carried out by professionals who understand the importance of the terms of lease and work towards meeting that requirement.

So if you are in this position or going to be in sometime, then this would be the right place to start. In this article, we will tell you how you can Get Office Reinstatement Work in Singapore and hire the right professional for it. Read on to find out more about the process.

What does office reinstatement work entail?

Before you hire a service provider, you need to understand the scope of work of office reinstatement so that you can hire right company for the job. Since ever business has unique requirements, every tenant will shape and reshape the space as per their needs. As a tenant, it becomes your responsibility to get rid of all the fixtures and remodelling work that you may have carried out while you were there. More often than not, you will be required to carry out the reinstatement work in short span of time. Even though the reinstatement work will vary from business to business, here are some of the common tasks:

  • Removal of temporary partitions and false ceilings
  • Removing the floor finishes such as vinyl, tiles, carpet, etc.
  • Reinstatement of damaged ceiling boards
  • Removal of all electrical wiring, cable, data points, electrical cables, and extra power points installed in the office
  • Demolition of false walls and any other office renovation work that was carried out at the time of your lease period
  • Removal of office furniture, partitions, workstations, cubicles, cabinets, conference tables, chairs, and any other furnishing item
  • Reinstallation of all the power points and original lighting
  • Removal of air conditioning units
  • Dismantling windows, curtains, doors, blinds
  • Repainting the walls to its original colour

Reasons to hire an office reinstatement professional 

By looking at the scope of work alone you can tell that restoring an office to its original state is no easy task. It requires immense planning and experience to execute the job with finesse. As if the complexity of the task itself wasn’t enough, you would also be required to carry it out within a short span of time. This is the reason you can trust no one but an experienced company who has the expertise and the experience to accomplish the office reinstatement for you. It is not only impossible but also unadvisable to reinstate the office space on your own. It will not only result in a botched up task but also damage things in the process. Therefore, it is better to engage a professional who knows how to skilfully restore the office to its original state within the stipulated time frame.

How much does it cost to reinstate the office?

It is impossible to give a predetermined rate or a quote for a reinstatement task because it varies significantly on the office space, amount of work done etc. This is the reason you should not hire an office reinstatement professional based on up-front pricing. It is only after thorough assessment of the site can a professional tell you how much it will cost. According to industry professionals, you must first take the experience and skill of the service provider into account and then start asking for in-person quotes to make a fair selection.

Relocating your office from one space to another is a complicated task. Apart from moving your office, you not only have reinstate the old one but also renovate the new one as per your business needs. However, you can avoid of lot of this hassle by hiring a company can give you all the services under one roof. So when hiring a reinstatement professional, ask them if they are also able to carry out the renovation for you too. Make sure you have thoroughly researched the company before bringing them onboard with such a complex job.