When choosing the right kitchen worktop to work with, your immediate thoughts need to be about choosing that one perfect design that works well with the rest of the kitchen decor and acts as a functional, as well as a visually stunning, centerpiece for space. Many have beautifully decorated drinks glasses, cocktail bottles, holders etc.

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When remodeling your kitchen, the main aspect you need to consider at the start is choosing the kitchen worktop, aka countertop. Considering the fact that there are so many materials, designs, shapes and colors to choose from, zeroing in on the right option can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first remodeling project. Not to worry though, for here are some kitchen worktop design tips that have been shared by design experts, as well as homeowners, who have already been down that lane and mastered the act of designing the perfect kitchen workspace for homes.

1. Always choose function over form

There is no use of having a kitchen that looks like it came out of the front page of a home décor magazine if it does not perform its basic function properly. Keep in mind that it is not necessary for you to stick to an ideal kitchen worktop shape and that you can choose from a myriad of options, including, but not limited to, L-shaped, U-shaped or galley shaped quartz kitchen worktops. The rule of the thumb here is to ensure that your cooktop, fridge and sink are kept within six feet of each other for ease of movement.

2. Prioritize your options for the worktop surface material

Another dilemma you may face when selecting a corian worktop material is choosing between looks and durability. Keep in mind that the most gorgeous worktop material may not necessarily be the most durable while the most durable worktop material may not necessarily be the most gorgeous. Your aim here is to integrate a material that balances both aspects while adhering to your requirements.

3. Check the worktop design

Most of us tend to choose a worktop simply because we need one for the kitchen without thinking about whether we would love the design at the end. Always ensure to choose a worktop that you would fall in love with, be it the color, shape or design. The worktop occupies the most space in a kitchen and thus, needs to be planned well in advance to help you make the most of the space without any hindrances. This would prevent any feelings of regret you may get afterwards.

4. Plan the space in accordance with the rest of the home décor

This is a very important tip, as it would determine if the quartz worktops UK you choose will complement your home décor or stick out like a sore thumb. This is especially true if your kitchen shares an open space with another room in the house. Choose a worktop whose design and colour matches the rest of the kitchen décor and possibly complements the décor of the room it shares space with as well. A general rule here is to look at several worktop samples inside the kitchen itself to see which one suits your home décor well.

5. Experiment with different worktop surfaces in the same space

There is no specific rule that states that the kitchen countertop needs to be made of a single material. As such, you can try experimenting with different materials for the same worktop, provided they blend together seamlessly. For instance, you can choose to have a marble or quartz worktop for the food prep area and complement it with marble or another porous material for the cooktop surface. The idea of a soapstone sink also comes into play here if you want to integrate the material into your kitchen worktop space but are afraid of placing hot items on it. For, soapstone tends to crack under extreme heat and may not be the best material for cooktops.

6. Be more creative with your worktop edges

Choosing quartz worktops direct with built up edges will definitely add more oomph and personality to your kitchen worktop. However, that does not stop you from experimenting with creative ideas like a curved worktop that would definitely increase the space’s visual appeal.

7. Add visual treats with natural décor items like plants

A great way to style a kitchen worktop without making it look too cluttered is to introduce natural décor elements like potted plants. Plants have a wonderful way of lighting up space and can make your kitchen come to life literally. Add a few colored plants to increase the worktop’s vibrancy and lend it a unique personality.

8. Don’t forget the family-friendly elements

While integrating the worktop into your kitchen space, ensure you make it kid-friendly, as well as family-friendly, leaving room for family members to move around while you are cooking. If you have small children in the room, you can consider rounded worktops to minimize the chances of accidents.