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Instagram started as a fun-to-post-pictures kinda app, and today it is one of the most used social media platforms by brands for some serious content marketing, brand recognition and so much more. In fact, a 2014 Forrester study said that the engagement rate of the users with the brands is 4.21% on Instagram in comparison to 0.7% on Facebook.

Well, that huge lag just described how important it is for you to start your Instagram marketing. If you’re looking for some advice on how to get more followers on Instagram (IG), you’re in the right place! 

Check out these 7 hacks. 

Get hashtags on point

Hashtags are an invincible aspect of your promotional picture, but getting the right hashtags is another story altogether. Using the most popular and trending hashtags to get yourself discovered is the easy pick, but that’s exactly what hundreds of others are also doing.

So, what makes your content unique? How will the audience identify your brand amidst the rest?

Experiment with your hashtags. Kick start your creative brain and start a viral spree because bold is better than boring!

The personalized hashtags in this post by Parle-G, the brand of biscuits manufactured by Parle immediately sets it apart from its competitors

Clear unwanted pictures

unwanted pictures

What if someone interested in your label randomly visits your account or page? Would you want them to check out the unwanted or irrelevant pictures you’re tagged in? No, right?

Then get down to some instantly work and feature only the best on your profile. You can choose to hide the posts through your Instagram settings or you can alter the whole set after which tagged photos won’t appear on your profile unless you approve them.

Clean profile? Check.

Boost local discovery

While you’re figuring how to boost your discoverability, here’s something you can’t miss if you want the local audience to knock on your door - Geotags. Add geotags to your posts, which basically means adding the location.

Locations have their own news feed and increase your chances at the promotion of your content. Take full advantage of these tags. If you are promoting a brand and have a physical office, you can update the nearby location or if you’re an influencer, try and add the places you visit.

GoPro, an American technology company that manufactures cameras upload most of its pictures with geotags, that helps it rank on the local scale.

Calls to action are a must

Calls to action are a must

While following these new tips to improve your posts and following, it is imperative to remember to add the all-time favourite ‘call to action’. Calls to action determine the next step of your audience and deliver the message successfully.

If your call-to-action is crafted well, you can drive your leads to the final stage of the sales funnel, without even saying ‘buy this!

Here’s a stunning example from Zaful, that creates a sense of urgency with a ‘limited time offer:

Join popular trends

Join popular trends

Another shot at getting discovered is to join the hype in Insta town. When you see a topic making rounds on the feeds and more and more people joining the trend or conversation, it is your cue to take advantage of that. Use hashtags or pictures relevant to the wave of interest and get in front of everyone who is a part of it. Your following is sure to multiply!

Be consistent with posts

When people show interest in your profile, it is necessary for you to keep their attention focused, in order to turn them into loyal followers. They expect fresh and relatable content. Being consistent in your Instagram posts can avoid the drip in your audience.

You can keep a constant theme throughout or experiment with it, as long as the message reaches your followers, you’re good to go. It’s time to shrug the laziness off! Related > 54 Best Instagram Growth Service Reviews (2020 Ultimate Edition)

Analyze your following

If you observe a drop in your following very frequently, all the effort you put into creating your content becomes futile. You need to keep track of the engagement of your followers and the rate of your growth. If you're wanting to try and improve the rate of your follower growth, then you might want to look into the likes of this Workmacro info or alternative Instagram growth services.

If you upgrade to an Instagram Business account, Instagram also offers you detailed analytics, or else you can use the various apps available. It will give you a detailed insight into your performance, the loopholes you need to fill and the strengths you need to polish.

Let us know which of the above hacks worked the best for your Instagram profile. Or if you have something we don’t, don’t shy away to drop it in the comments section below!