Image matters significantly when looking forward to representing your company. This is where a quality business card matters. There are common mistakes most people make when designing their business cards that end up costing them dearly. The best thing is to get your cards designed by professionals of stationeryxpress. You can check samples from them as well as StationeryXpress Items you can buy from them.  When planning to make cards for your business that stand out, below are mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Wrong spelling and grammar
This might sound obvious, but some business owners brandish cards with wrong spelling and grammar. It is embarrassing and implies that you and the designer didn’t spend enough time designing the cards. Worse still, you might not notice the mistakes, but the potential customer will. After checking the design, proofread the printouts before giving out the cards. In addition, always let experienced and professional printers handle the job. 

Too many fonts

A business card with too many fonts needs to be more professional. It becomes a complete turn-off for someone looking forward to working with you. The rule of thumb is always sticking to a primary font with a second one to complement the design. Avoid fonts like Serif and Script. When there is little space for working with on the card, Arial and Helvetica are ideal fonts, but not Comic Sans. The right font should be easy to read so the reader doesn’t have to spend too much time to tell who gave them the card.

Color overload

Using color on your business card is good, but more is needed. You don’t have to use every rainbow color on your business card. Equally important is avoiding just picking any color randomly. You risk ending up with one not match your brand. The ideal color should be somewhere on your logo or if you have an official brand color. To avoid this hassle, you can just order business cards online from professionals who understand all design elements, like the appropriate use of color.

Accent colors are fine for business colors to complete their opposite colors if you don’t have a signature color for your brand. You can opt for a beautiful monochrome design on your business card for a classy look. Working with professionals will ensure that you end up with business cards that represent your brand and appeal to customers. These usually stand out amidst other cards in the customers’ pocket.

Missing important information

This usually comes out as a surprise when you end up with a business card missing your email address or phone number. In addition, some cards come without the company website. Even if your business is a start-up and your business website still needs to be online, you can add your LinkedIn profile to the business card. This is better than not including your contact details. Your business car should not have unprofessional information, including your Gmail account and home phone number. This lowers the credibility of even the most well-established business.

Cramped design

An eye-catching business card should have a brilliant design with clarity. There is limited space to work with on a business card, and creativity is required to make the most of this space. This requires not putting information anywhere to make customers struggle to find your phone number. Creativity is essential to make the most of your card, including using both sides. A double-sided card looks more professional and uses space well to include all the details. Your logo at the back of the business card looks fancier than leaving it plain white. 

Tacky lamination

Quality business cards have no spelling mistakes, legible fonts, and a perfect finish. It is okay to have laminated business cards, but it should be done right. Soft or hard lamination is available for business cards. Poorly laminated cards end up looking cheap with a shiny finish. This won’t be appealing to potential customers. Getting cards designed and printed by professionals will give off the right impression your business needs to attract potential customers.

Low-quality paper

After creating fantastic business cards, they should be printed on quality paper to enhance the look. Cards on cheap paper make your company look cheap and unorganized. Remember that customers are less likely to deal with a company that uses cheaply printed business cards. Quality cards make the first impression of your brand with customers and should always look amazing. Luckily, it is now possible to cheaply print business cards in Nigeria from a reliable company.


Business cards represent your brand when away from your office. This helps generate leads and gives a brief about what you do. When designing business cards for your business, avoid costly mistakes when looking forward to cards that will make a stellar impression about your brand. You can have your cards made by an online company conveniently and hassle-free.