interesting Facts

With access to the world wide web, there literally isn’t a question that you can think of and not find the answer online to it! And that’s great! But the trick in knowledge is not so much in the answers, but it’s more about the questions themselves. We have generic questions lined up in our thoughts and we rarely like to go out of our box and ask new and exciting questions or discover new facts about random things.

You’ll be happy to know that there are actually plenty of resources on the internet that caters to providing these random facts. A variety of interesting options can be found at and this is a great way to get the ball rolling! This is why it’s important to remind ourselves to take a step back and learn something random and new every day.

We’re going to get you started by providing you with 5 interesting facts that you probably don’t know!

1. The inventor of the frisbee became a frisbee

Walter Frederik Morrison invented the Pluto Platter, or what we know now to be the awesome Frisbee. History was made, company after the company bought into the idea, and changed the name into ‘Frisbee’. Walter was so proud of his accomplishment that when he died at the age of 90 years old in 2010, he had his family cremate him and make him into a frisbee himself. That’s devotion!

2. Apples in the supermarket aren’t that fresh

You’d think it would be pretty darn difficult to sell a rotten apple right? Wrong! These apples are picked only during certain months, and then they are preserved by being covered in wax and stored in freezing storage. They've only put up for sale to you in the supermarket after 6 months. True story for most supermarkets!

3. Apologizing can get you locked up in Canada

Canadian were found to be saying sorry so much, that a law was passed to put this to an end. Starting from 2009, if you apologize, this means that you are saying that you are guilty of whatever it is. This can be particularly damaging in a court of law!

4. Mind controlling mushrooms exist

In Brazil, the Zombie Fungus can be found. This sinister mushroom, when ingested by ants in the forest, attacks the poor things nervous system and take over its mind. For some reason, when the ants eat this mushroom they climb up on a stem of a leaf at a certain height that has just the right temperature for the fungus to grow. Soon enough, a stem grows out of the ant's head. Not creepy at all!

Armadillos have armour

5. Armadillos have armour

That’s right! The shell that covers the armadillo’s body is actually bulletproof! There’s rumors of a man getting hit by a bullet that ricocheted off the armadillo’s body and hit him because he tried to shoot it. Karma lives on.

You’re definitely having a ton of fun, so it’s clear that knowledge isn’t only powerful, it’s also amusing and interesting. Our world is full of strange and interesting facts waiting to be discovered by you, so make sure that you learn something new every day!