The SIMS is basically a real-life simulation game in which you create your own characters and control them. The game comes with modern architecture and robust controls and performance. If you are looking for games that are similar to SIMS or if you want to try out SIMS-similar games, you can download one of these games to play with the same game plot as of the SIMS.


The Sims is actually a real life-like video game whose publisher is Electronics Art and the developer’s name is Maxis. This video game is like one of the best video games that have broken sell records of all times with many fans, game cheats, and large supporting community. Basically, in this game, you have to build characters knows as ‘Sims’ in the game. After that, you have to place them in the pre-built house or your own built house and fulfill their wishes and desires by understanding their moods and faces. This game is like playing with a virtual barbie dollhouse.


Here are the best alternatives of SIMS game you can play on your PC or on your mobile


Second life was developed and released in the year 2003 and has much resemblance to the SIMS online game. In this game, players create their own customized characters and play the roles according to the personalities and avatar. Moreover, in this robust high-performance online game, you can create new objects, items, and models. This game is ideal for the players who love dressing the characters.


The touch game is similar to SIMS and makes you feel whatever a K-pop singer should feel. This game is based on a character who is a rising K-pop singer. In this game, you can also collaborate with other players to have singing tournaments.


This game is a lot of IMVU. Currently, this is one of the best online games with a virtual catalog and high resolution. There are more than 30 million clothing items and other items in the game. Just like SIMS, you can dress up your avatar, sell your items to other players and can even chat with the other players in different avatars.


If you love to manage someone else’s life just like you did in SIMS, this game if for you. Kudos is the game where you can literally control the life of your avatar. This game gives whole control over someone else’s life in the game, of course. It’s the player who decides who their character it, who they hang out with, where do they go and etc.


If you love the location challenges in SIMS, this game is perfect for you. Players are virtually transported to a village where they build loving relationships with other villagers. You can create your player with a variety of clothing items, personality factors, facial features and etc. This game can be played on the PC as well as on your mobile phone. Though, the game has different versions for iOS and Android.


7 sins is a real-life simulation game in which you have to create an avatar or a character in a virtual world. In that world, he commits almost 7 deadly and unforgettable sins. The game is played in the Apple city and throughout the game, the avatar’s personality is full of greed, lust, wrath, envy, gluttony, and sloth. You can choose from almost 100 game characters.


The movies game is inspired by SIMS. In this game, the players must produce some debut movies and the movies should be good enough and should provide funding to hire actors, stage, props and etc. you can play with various actors and actresses. Moreover, you can also control their alcohol and drug addiction habits.


In this game, the characters or the players start from small talk with their crush and then when they are comfortable, they end up sleeping with each other on the bed. This game is focused on breaking up, building relationships, having sex and etc.


In this game, you choose from thousands of characters and choose a mate too, to start a family. Players’ career and marriage life can also be controlled in this game. Random events can twist the game plot too.


Avakin life is played widely on smartphones. You can create your own avatar, build your home and can also transport your character to some exotic places in the game. The main concept of this game is to interact with real people across the globe.


The above-mentioned games have close similarities and resemblance to the SIMS game but obviously, they are based on graphics of the SIMS game. These games might have better graphics and quality but their inspiration is the SIMS game, which was a hit game of its time.